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Re: [chexsys] Convenient Cash Cards

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  • John and Geri
    PLEASE SEND ONFO ON CARD YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. THANKS gervia_allen wrote:I am sending you this page
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 7, 2003
      "gervia_allen <gervia_allen@...>" <gervia_allen@...> wrote:I am sending you this page because I know you would want to get this
      card. If you can't get a Checking or Savings Account, even if you
      are denied credit for a credit card. I am using this card myself
      for direct deposit of my payroll and handle all my payment needs
      with it. You do NOT need a bank account to get this card and you
      will immediately be approved. It takes only 2 days after you mail in
      your order to receive the card by mail.

      The card allows me to withdraw money at any MasterCard ATM and make
      purchases at any MasterCard POS Terminal where I enter my PIN code.
      I can also send money from my card to another card for just $2.00 !
      It is safe because it requires always the PIN code or a password
      before money can be taken off the card.

      This card will not only help you to financial discipline, you can
      only withdraw what has been deposited earlier. It can also prevent
      identity theft. As there is no direct link between my card and my
      other credit cards or bank accounts, no one can find a connection to
      this information. Please contact me for further information.
      Thank You!


      Gervia Allen

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