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Re: spring at the sea, join me for a walk

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  • lbolenyc
    Hosomi Ayako: now here is a haijin who has written fresh and interesting haiku, with something to say. To me, her cherryblossom shrimp haiku is in the same
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2007
      Hosomi Ayako: now here is a haijin who has written fresh and
      interesting haiku, with something to say. To me, her "cherryblossom
      shrimp" haiku is in the same vein as Basho's:

      ki no moto ni shiru mo namasu mo sakura kana

      beneath a tree,
      both soup and fish salad:
      cherry blossoms!

      trans. David Barnhill

      [the implication being that the falling petals have turned the
      refreshments into cherry blossoms]

      I wish there was more of her work available in translation!

      All I've been able to find:

      shiro choocho tobisari nanika ushinai shi

      the white butterfly
      flew away--something
      has been lost

      trans. Higginson ("Haiku World")

      kite mireba hoho kechirashite nekoyanagi

      came looking for them--
      the heads all are scattered
      pussy willows

      trans. Higginson ("Haiku World")

      ushikai ni michi yo keraruru haka mairi

      the cowherd
      steered us off the road
      grave visiting

      trans. Higginson ("Haiku World")

      fudangi de fudan no kokoro momo no hana

      in my ordinary clothes
      thinking ordinary thoughts -
      peach blossoms

      trans. Koko Kato and David Burleigh ("A Hidden Pond")

      (no Japanese available)

      the evening-class teacher--
      his big black umbrella
      in the rainy season

      trans. from the Japanese into French by Alain Kervern, and from
      French into English by me

      (only kanji available, which I can't read)

      Swallows, oh, swallows,
      how much you like the mud!
      you swallows!

      trans. Kageyama Noriko

      Oku-mino-no nakanaka kie-nu haru-no-niji

      when it's not easy
      to put a raincoat on--
      rainbow in spring

      my Japanese-illiterate translation: in need of a Japanese-literate

      tera-no ro-ni sake-wo tamou-ya natane-zuyu

      needs translating!

      kumo fururu bakari no hana-no shiga no oku

      The depths of Shiga--
      A field of wildflowers
      Borders the clouds.

      trans. Yuzuru Miura ("Classic Haiku: A Master's Selection"), who
      gives the following note:

      "Shiga, a highland in the northeastern part of Nagano prefecture in
      central Japan, is famous for its dense white-birch forests and alpine


      > haru no umi, the sea in springtime ...
      > sakura ebi sushi ni shirashite kyoo arinu
      > cherryblossom shrimps
      > sprinkled on my sushi -
      > what a fine day !
      > Hosomi Ayako
      > Join me and some kigo for the seasonal walk on the beach!
      > http://wkdkigodatabase03.blogspot.com/2007/03/spring-at-beach-haru-
      > Greetings from Japan
      > GABI
      > http://worldkigodatabase.blogspot.com/
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