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  • linlou or linlee
    one of my cousins found this information on our family during some research if anyone has info on any of the people i mentioned please let me know even if its
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 10, 2011
      one of my cousins found this information on our family during some research if anyone has info on any of the people i mentioned please let me know even if its only u are related to them
      So for now, this information is not verified.

      William Duke married Thamar Taylor. Taylor was 100% Saponi Full
      Their son was Samuel Duke who married Sarah Green . 1/2
      Their son was the Samuel Duke mentioned above 1/4 or possibly considered 100 % due to land grant....
      His daughter was Green Duke who married Edmond Reaves 1/8 or 1/2
      Their son was Ransom Reaves 1/16 or 1/4
      His son was John Anderson Reaves 1/32 or 1/8 The Dawes card has another at 1/16
      His daughter was Francis Reaves who married William Hall 1/64 or 1/16
      Total percentage for this family branch would be 1/64 or 1/16

      William Hall is listed on the Dawes Roll as Choctaw Full
      The child of William Hall and Frances Reaves is Pete Hall 1/2 maybe technically more but I am not sure how to add
      Francis %. I do have the Tribal Office helping me with this.
      Pete Hall's daughter is Sallie Mae Hall 1/4
      Total percentage for this family branch would be 1/4 or perhaps a wee bit more?

      Thomas Jones is a problem. He has no listed family. However, I did link him possibly to a Thomas Jones (1765-1856) who married Cherokee Jones. Cherokee is 100% Cherokee.
      Their son Thomas Jones (B.1795) would then be 1/2 * working to verify his name on the Reservation Roll of
      His son Thomas A. Jones ( our Jones) would be 1/4
      Thomas A. Jones married Eliza Hedden who was Cherokee 1/2
      Eliza is the daughter of Nancy Blackfox,, a Full Cherokee. Thomas A. Jones and Eliza Hedden's son was Thomas K. Jones check the math here we assigned him 1/2 but he may be considered 3/4.
      (1/4 +2/4 = 3/4)
      Lawrence Jones was then 1/3 married to Sallie Hall 1/4. 1/3 +1/4 = 7/12 check it. I am saying 4/12 + 3/12=7/12 ( or +1/2)
      Leslie Randolph would then be 1/4
      Charles,Shirley,Mary and Leslie would then be 1/8

      Their children would be 1/16
      and their children would be then 1/32

      Please now,this has not been authenticated yet with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I am preparing a package on behalf of Charles,Shirley,Mary and Leslie as they are the oldest living generation, a requirement . Before I can do that, I am awaiting approval of the research done concerning the Cherokee. For Nancy BlackFox Hedden, mother of Eliza, who married Thomas A. Jones, I possible have her family as follows:

      Nancy Fox (abt. 1794-1843) married Jacob Hedden. I have found information that says that the name Fox was shortened from the Cherokee Blackfox. Based on this information, I have used the name Nancy Fox, daughter of Blackfox in my research. What I found was the following:
      Nancy BlackFox (1794-1843) who is the daughter of Black Fox (1746-1811) and Cherokee Woman of the paint Clan (1740-1783) whoose mother was A Ni Ga Wi (1686-1730).

      BlackFox is the son of Attakullakulla (1695-1777) and Nione Ollie (1720-1800).

      Attakullakulla (1695-1777) is the son of White Owl Raven (1680-1741) and Nancy Moytoy (1683-1777). Nancy Moytoy's mother may have been Quatsy of T Moytoy. ( This to me sounds like a place and the woman was given this name as there may have been little else known of her, perhaps?)

      White Owl Raven (1680-1741) is the son of Amadohixi Moytoy and Quatsy Woman ( again, I think this name was assigned to another woman as there was no written record left as to her rightful name).

      Amadohixi Moytoy is the son of Amatoya Moytoya (1640-1730) and Quatsy Tellico (1650-1692) ( and again, I think this name is a generic name given as the researcher did not have any documents to support a name other than that).

      Nancy Fox who married Jacob Hedden had several children. One of which was Eliza Hedden,who married Thomas Jones. I am trying to verify also Thomas Jones parents and grandparents. I believe that Thomas Jones (1765-1856) married Cherokee Jones. She died and he remarried. Thomas and Cherokee Jones had a son born in 1795 who was also named Thomas Jones. I believe this Thomas Jones to be the one listed on the Reservation Roll of 1817. This Thomas Jones was the father of Thomas A. Jones, who married Eliza Hedden.

      Thomas and Eliza Jones had children. My direct great great grandfather was Thomas K. Jones. His son was Lawrence Jones who married my gratgrandmother Sallie Mae Hall, who is the daughter of William Hall and who may have been enrolled in either the Choctaw or Cherokee nation. It is my thought that her father was Full Choctaw, as pictures of Sallie Mae leave little doubt that she was of Indian descent. Lawrence and Sallie then were the parents to Leslie Randolph Jones.

      To back these relationships, I am working on collecting vital records ( birth,marriage or death.) I do have information on graves for Thomas A. Jones, buried in Providence Baptist Church cemetary in Tiplersville,MS. That grave memorial number is 33751361 His wife and his sons were all buried in a different cemetary. They were buried in Campground United Methodist Cemetary in Chalybeate,MS. Eliza Jones grave memorial number is 75311103.

      Also of interst is our possible connection to the Culpepper Rebellion.Before the Revolutionary War, Culpepper was instrumental in raising the issues of fair taxation and no taxation without representation. In his advocacy for fairness and social justice. The English king had John Culpepper arrested and sent back to England to stand trial for treason. He was aquitted of his charges and sent back to North Carolina, where he later participated in the Revolutionary War and then was one of the first House of Representatives members for the state of North Carolina.

      As soon as I can collect some of the vital records, I mentioned above, I will submit a packet to both the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington DC and another to the Executive Director of the North Carolina Bureau of Indian Affairs. ( He has been working with me collecting and researching information for my dissertation). If my packet is thorough, we should have information back rather quickly. Hence the reason I am double checking my work and then asking the tribal offices and BIA to review the application before sending to DC. Whatever I find out, I'll pass along to you.
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