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Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Cheetah vs. Velocity comparison

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  • Mike Orr
    ... Of course, with OS X, you get *two* sets of cultists overlapping: long-time Mac fanatics, and long-time Unix fans. Must be interesting. ... It s good to
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 10, 2001
      On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 03:15:49AM -0500, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
      > No problem. I now use a Mac with OS X, by the way, so I am familiar with
      > the strange beliefs of cultists :)

      Of course, with OS X, you get *two* sets of cultists overlapping: long-time
      Mac fanatics, and long-time Unix fans. Must be interesting.

      > >> Anyhow, please accept these 'challenges' in good spirit - I do this
      > >> because I hope to learn more about Cheetah as well as understand
      > >> our limitations as well as maybe change perception of our
      > >> limitations...
      > >
      > > Likewise. We could learn alot from each other's perspectives on
      > > syntax, semantics, and implementation.

      It's good to have a Velocity user on the list, even if (or especially
      because) he isn't too familiar with Cheetah and Python. It helps
      guard us from blind spots in our assumptions.

      > I was always hoping that y'all would make Velocity compatible templates, but
      > by taking advantage of some language features, that became impossible. It's
      > also too Velocity-centric a view of the world, I suppose :)

      What we need is a template system that integrates well with Python and
      Webware. While I for one prefer to stick with existing standards except
      for when there's a good reason to do something incompatible, we'd rather
      veer toward usability on the target platform rather than making an exact
      replica of another platform's system.

      Perhaps you could make a Velocity-to-Cheetah preprocessor using them
      configurable delimeters, haha. :)

      > Cool beans. I have mixed feelings about comparison pages, as the authors
      > tend to unconsciously bake in assumptions into the statements (such as the
      > tuple unpacking... A non-python guy like me had no *clue* what you were
      > trying to say...)

      Well, the User's Guide is targeted to ppl who understand Python. We
      have to start somewhere, and we don't want to duplicate the Python
      tutorial. There is a dummy Beginner's Guide in the Cheetah source,
      which will someday be a "gentler" introduction to using Cheetah for
      ppl who don't know Python. (Template maintainers who rely on somebody
      else to be the application programmer would be an example.)

      > Also, it tends to bring jihadi (like myself, now) over asking questions :)

      Which is better for everyone. I don't see any flamewars erupting.

      The reasons for the comparision chapter are:
      1) For ppl that know the other system, so that they can see how Cheetah
      is similar/different to something familiar.
      2) For those trying to choose a template system, so that they can see
      which systems' unique features most closely matches their needs.
      3) You're always going to get advocacy zealots, so it's best to have a
      FAQ somewhere containing reasonable comparision information. Perhaps
      that will help defuse the zealots.

      -Mike (Iron) Orr, iron@... (if mail problems: mso@...)
      http://iron.cx/ English * Esperanto * Russkiy * Deutsch * Espan~ol

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