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Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Webware placeholders and the searchList

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  • Brian Bird
    I think this might be the same problem I found when I upgraded a while ago:
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23, 2013

      I think this might be the same problem I found when I upgraded a while ago:



      Since 2.0 Cheetah seems to look at the Template instance variables before searching the namespace. Most of these variables are prefixed with __CHEETAH__ so it’s unlikely to be an issue. But 4 of them (request, transaction, application and session) aren’t and therefore mask the value you have in your namespace.
      Like you, I don’t use WebWare, but the only solution I found was to rename my variables (eg. in your case call it $session2 instead of $session)
      I have no idea why this changed, personally I think it’s a bug but I don’t know if anyone else agrees or whether anyone is maintaining Cheetah any more in any case?


      From: Aaron Murray [mailto:aaron@...]
      Sent: 22 May 2013 23:54
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      Subject: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Webware placeholders and the searchList


      I am upgrading to Cheetah 2.4.4. I'm getting a lot of errors relating to my $session placeholder (which is added to the searchList via a custom context object as ctx.session).


      After the upgrade, $session is always None.  It seems like the Webware session variable from Servlet.py is sitting in the searchList above my custom placeholder.  The current Cheetah docs state:


      "However, it is OK to put same-name variables in the searchList, because Webware does not use the searchList."


      I know the docs are currently out of date.  It seems like this is no longer true.


      Is there any way I can avoid changing the name of my session placeholder in every template?  I do not use Webware so I don't need any related functionality.




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