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[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Unicode problem with Cheetah and PyYAML.

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  • Israel Saeta Pérez
    Hello: I just started using Cheetah but I have a problem I couldn t solve. I m working for the Alqua Proyect (http://alqua.org, spanish) and I m using some
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2007
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      I just started using Cheetah but I have a problem I couldn't
      solve. I'm working for the Alqua Proyect (http://alqua.org, spanish) and
      I'm using some templates to generate LaTeX files.

      I have four template files, and each one inherits from the
      previous: Resources.tmpl, ResourcesTEX.tmpl, mainLATEX.tmpl and
      latex_book_b_es.tmpl. That is, for example, in ResourcesTEX.tmpl I've
      put a '#extends Resources' directive, and so on. The template files
      (.tmpl) use ISO-8859-15, so I've put '#encoding iso-8859-15' directive
      into the files, too.

      The first thing I do is compile the template files, in order:
      cheetah compile Resources.tmpl, cheetah compile ResourcesTEX.tmpl, and
      so on. I use yaml files for store the data, so I launch Python console
      and type:

      import latex_book_b_es
      import yaml
      stream=file('data.yaml','r') # where data.yaml is utf-8
      data = yaml.load(stream)

      At this point, data becomes a nested dictionary with some values
      in unicode. If I type 'data', I see several values with u'something'

      output = latex_book_b_es.latex_book_b_es(searchList=data)
      print output
      Traceback [...]
      UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 36:
      ordinal not in range(128)

      I have read about this error, and the problem is Python tries to
      convert the latex_book_b_es template strings to unicode assuming ascii
      encoding, but these strings contain non-ascii characters (spanish) so it

      I looked at this mailing list archives and read about problems
      like this, and tried a lot of options, like putting '#unicode
      iso-8859-15' in .tmpl files instead of '#encoding ...', but I have had
      no success. I think a solution could be coding the dictionary from
      PyYAML into iso-8859-15, but I don't know how to accomplish this easily.

      Do you have any idea about how to solve this? I'm really stuck.

      Israel Saeta Pérez.

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