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[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Cheetah 2.0rc7 released

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  • Tavis Rudd
    from the changelog: 2.0rc7 (July 4, 2006) !!!THIS RELEASE REQUIRES RECOMPILATION OF ALL COMPILED CHEETAH TEMPLATES!!! Core Changes: [TR] - extended the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2006
      from the changelog:

      2.0rc7 (July 4, 2006)
      Core Changes: [TR]
      - extended the #implements directive so an arguments list can be declared
      the same fashion as #def and #block.

      - made the parser raise ParseError when $*placeholder, $*5*placeholder,
      $(placeholder), etc. are found within expressions. They are only valid
      top-level text.

      - tweaked the parser so it's possible to place a comment on the same line
      a directive without needing to explicitly close the directive first.
      works regardless of whether or not you added a colon.

      self.verify("#if 1:\n$aStr\n#end if\n",

      self.verify("#if 1: \n$aStr\n#end if\n",

      self.verify("#if 1: ##comment \n$aStr\n#end if\n",

      self.verify("#if 1 ##comment \n$aStr\n#end if\n",

      Previously, that last test would have required an extra # to close the
      directive before the comment directive started:
      self.verify("#if 1 ###comment \n$aStr\n#end if\n",

      Code that makes use of explicit directive close tokens immediately
      followed by
      another directive will still work as expected:
      #if test##for i in range(10)# foo $i#end for##end if

      - safer handling of the baseclass arg to Template.compile(). It now does
      the right thing if the user passes in an instance rather than a class.

      ImportHooks: [TR]
      - made it possible to specify a list of template filename extentions that
      looped through while searching for template modules. E.g.:
      import Cheetah.ImportHooks

      Core changes by MO:
      - Filters are now new-style classes.
      - WebSafe and the other optional filters in Filters.py now use
      RawOrEncodedUnicode instead of Filter as a base class. This allows them
      to work with Unicode values containing non-ASCII characters.
      User-written custom filters should inherit from
      RawOrEncodedUnicode and call the superclass .filter() instead of str().
      str() as of Python 2.4.2 still converts Unicode to string using
      ASCII codec, which raises UnicodeEncodeError if it contains non-ASCII

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