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lists.sourceforge.net mailing list memberships reminder

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  • mailman-owner@lists.sourceforge.net
    ******************************************************************************* This is a password reminder sent via Mailman (http://www.list.org/), mailing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1 10:36 AM

      This is a password reminder sent via Mailman (http://www.list.org/),
      mailing list software used by SourceForge, every month.

      Using the URL and password below, you can change all your
      mailing list settings. This is only minimal security designed to
      prevent others from changing your mailing list subscriptions without
      your knowledge. However, this email is not encrypted and could
      possibly be intercepted, so please do not use the same password
      here that you use for other accounts, including your SourceForge.net
      account. This was indicated on the page where you entered your
      password when you subscribed.

      Please keep in mind that without this password feature on Mailman,
      managing all 200,000+ SourceForge accounts manually would be nearly

      Please use the instructions below to unsubscribe if you wish to.
      As for changing what Email you're subscribed with, you need to remove
      the old Email and add the new one.

      Thanks, -SourceForge.net Team


      This is a reminder, sent out once a month, about your
      lists.sourceforge.net mailing list memberships. It includes your
      subscription info and how to use it to change it or unsubscribe from a

      You can visit the URLs to change your membership status or
      configuration, including unsubscribing, setting digest-style delivery
      or disabling delivery altogether (e.g., for a vacation), and so on.

      In addition to the URL interfaces, you can also use email to make such
      changes. For more info, send a message to the '-request' address of
      the list (for example,
      cheetahtemplate-discuss-request@...) containing just
      the word 'help' in the message body, and an email message will be sent
      to you with instructions.

      If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to
      mailman-owner@.... Thanks!

      Passwords for listsaver-of-cheetah-archive@yahoogroups.com:

      List Password // URL
      ---- --------
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