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[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Hospital lists. Bloodpressure, cancer, flu, health, American doctors directory

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  • Amalia Rowell
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2004
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      <strong><font color="#FF0000" size="4">The United States Health Care DATABASE
      <p>The United States Healthcare Database is a comprehensive <br>
      NEW product that is offered exclusively on a limited-time <br>
      basis.This complete database includes all hospitals, <br>
      HMO's,group medical practices,nursing homes,and <br>
      physicians in the country.</p>
      <p>In a rapidly-changing industry, current healthcare <br>
      information is an invaluable resource to businesses and <br>
      organizations. <strong><font color="#FF0000" size="3">The United States Healthcare Database
      includes comprehensive information on more than 7,000 <br>
      hospitals,25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors not <br>
      to mention HMOs and Group Medical Practices.</font></strong> </p>
      <p>It is the most extensive and reliable mailing list and <br>
      database of key decision makers in the health care market. </p>
      <p>Imagine the increase in marketing and sales effectiveness <br>
      made possible by targeting the key contacts by name. <br>
      If reaching the right decision maker is critical to the <br>
      success of your direct marketing campaigns, then this <br>
      is the product.</p>
      <p>Each record is indexed by such features as name, address, <br>
      phone and fax. The database is available in Excel <br>
      format on CD Rom. It is designed for mailing lists and <br>
      merges. The data can be selected by state or other <br>
      criteria such as type of practice. It can be used on an <br>
      unlimited basis.</p>
      <p>During this introductory offer, the cost of this <br>
      completely new database (which is available exclusively <br>
      on <font color="#FF0000"><strong>CD-Rom) is $575.00 (reg. $1,495).</strong></font>
      An annual <br>
      subscription (includes six editions) is available now <br>
      <strong><font color="#FF0000">for $825 (reg. $2,995).</font></strong></p>
      <p>To order The United States Health Care Database(c), <br>
      please complete the information below and <br>
      <strong><font color="#FF0000" size="4">fax it to 905-751-0199 (Tel: 905-751-0919).</font></strong></p>
      <p><strong><font color="#0000FF">[ ] I would like to order United States Health
      Care <br>
      Database ($575). Please invoice me</font></strong><font color="#0000FF">.</font></p>
      <p><font color="#0000FF"><strong>[ ] I would like an annual subscription <br>
      (six editions at $825). Please invoice me.</strong></font></p>
      <p>InfoSource Group of Companies is a leading information <br>
      publishing firm with offices throughout North America <br>
      and Europe.</p>
      <p>To be removed from the database please follow this link, http://notinuse.biz/takeoff/takeoff.html</p>
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