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[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Fwd: wonder drug "Cialis" available now

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  • Guadalupe Robles
    A F D A app roved imp otence dr ug deve loped by El i Lil ly and Co. and Ic os Co rp. appe ars to be lon ger-las ting than Vi ag ra, the comp anies sai d, cit
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      A F D A app roved imp otence dr ug deve loped by El i Lil ly and Co. and Ic os Co rp. appe ars to be lon ger-las ting than Vi ag ra, the comp anies sai d, cit ing a stu dy bei ng rele ased at a med ical confe rence. Patie nts in the stu dy repo rted suc cess in achie ving er ecti ons over a per iod of 2 4 to 36 ho urs after tak ing a 20-mi lligr am pi ll of Ci ali s, sa id India napolis-bas ed Lil ly and Bot hell, Wa sh.-bas ed Icos on Satu rday.

      It's a new pr escrip tion dr ug called C ia lis. Rese archers cla im it works tw ice as fast as V ia gra with fe wer side eff ects. In cl inic al studies C ial is helped 88 percent of m en to achie ve er ecti ons in 30 minu tes or les s. The st udy also sho wed that Ci a lis contin ued to stay in the syst em for up to 24 ho urs!

      3 Cia lis 20 mg$ 127.00
      3 Via gra 100 mg$ 123.00
      3 Lev itra 20 mg$ 123.00

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