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[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] dependency information

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  • Terrel Shumway
    I am setting up Cheetah in an environment with dependency-tree based rebuild. ... $TITLE $CONTENT ... This
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      I am setting up Cheetah in an environment with dependency-tree based

      This is the Page Title
      <p>blah blah blah</p>

      a makefile might look like this:
      index.html: INDEX.tmpl TITLE.tmpl CONTENT.tmpl
      filltemplates $^ -o $@

      What I need from Cheetah that it doesn't give now, is dependency
      information. When I compile a template, I want an extra class attribute,
      e.g. "requires" or "uses". For CONTENT.tmpl, this would be ["TITLE"],
      for INDEX.tmpl it would be ["TITLE","CONTENT"], for TITLE.tmpl it would
      be []

      For simple placeholders, this seems easy enough, but things quickly get
      hairy for real templates

      for this template
      #set $TITLE "my title"
      #for $bar in $foo:
      $beep.tag $bar.baz
      #end for
      uses should be ["foo","beep"]
      and maybe another attribute "provides" could be ["TITLE"]
      note that "bar" does not appear in either list, and only the top-level
      element of $beep.tag shows up (I don't need the .tag).
      What I need are top-level r-values that are not also l-values.

      I don't mind digging into the code myself, but I appreciate any
      pointers, caveats, or suggestions anyone has to offer.

      -- Terrel

      p.s. #import and friends may also generate dependencies, but I am not
      too concerned about that yet.

      pps: the system I have works now, but I just do a brute-force rebuild of
      everything rather than tracking individual dependencies.

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