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4978[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Templates, inheritan ce, etc….

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  • Markos Kapes
    Sep 15, 2011
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      I've got an abstract base template, and Im trying to do a few things, but I'm not sure of the cheetah way to do it.

      First, the pages in question are results pages for a search, and as such have a table. There are two things I'm trying to do.

      1) I:mplement clickable rows by implementing a click handler on all rows. I've determined that you can't put a block inside a loop, or else cheetah chokes. A def statement seems to cause the same problem, even though I can display the text of the click handler (eg, in a header).

      2) Is there anyway in the abstract class to have a conditional block
      #if $do_this
      Thing to do
      #end if
      and set $do_this in the ineherited class or in the server url call? It seems to choke for me unless I set $do_this to a value in the abstract class. But then it's not reset in the inherited classs.

      Sure part of it is that I must be mucking up basic python inheritance.

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