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4884[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] NameMapper issues with Google App Engine db.Model objects

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  • Chad George
    Aug 14, 2010
      In AppEngine, db.Model objects unfortunately implement a "has_key()"
      method that checks if a model instance has had a key assigned to it

      This causes NameMapper.py to determine that it should use dictionary
      style access instead of getattr().

      I think there are two possible solutions:
      1. use hasattr(obj, "keys") instead of hasattr(obj, "has_key")
      2. try to use hasattr()/getattr() ... before trying dictionary access

      I tested #1 and it seems to work...but I'm too new to Cheetah to know
      if there are unintended consequences

      For #2 the biggest issue I see is in _valueForName() ... you
      definitely don't want to hit the exception on every access to a
      dictionary, so you'd need another call to hasattr() ... which
      presumably was just done before getting to _valueForName() in the
      first place.

      Probably not a big deal either way. I'm not sure if there was a
      pre-existing design decision to try dictionary access before attribute

      - Chad

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