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3909Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] best cheetah setup for django -solution

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  • Sandro Dentella
    Dec 11, 2006
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      On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 03:15:17PM -0800, Mike Orr wrote:
      > On 12/1/06, Sandro Dentella <sandro@...> wrote:
      > > > PS: is there e searchable archive of the list?
      > >
      > > I thought at least this was a simple question...
      > I held back in case somebody knew better, but as far as I know the
      > answer is no. The list is hosted at SourceForge which has limited
      > archive features.
      > SourceForge sucks in a lot of ways, especially in going down
      > frequently, and in periodically changing the URL of the CVS
      > repository so you have to reconfigure. Is there anything that might
      > be better?

      I found that googlegroups is wanderfull. You can just subscribe this list to
      googlegroup or move the entire list there. Many projects already did it.

      The benefit is that you have a completely searchable tool (the google
      engine) but also different 'modes'. You can get the e-mails as a normal
      mailing list, get messages in a digested way or follow them on the web but
      flag single threads to get followups as e-mail.

      Moreover: spam is really filtered that is not the case with sourcefource


      PS: I repeat: even if you don't want to stop this list you can just subscribe
      googlegroup to this list! ;-)

      Sandro Dentella *:-)
      http://www.tksql.org TkSQL Home page - My GPL work

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