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3690Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Newbie problem

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  • Mike Orr
    May 1, 2006
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      On 4/29/06, Peter Mott <peter@...> wrote:
      > I guess you should post your complete code. "#set myvariable = 1 " should be
      > #set $myvariable = 1.

      Either way is acceptable as long as it doesn't collide with a reserved
      word (e.g., not "#set global = 1"). For Cheetah 2.0 we're generally
      recommending the fewest dollar signs possible, but it's a judgement
      call which way is more readable for #set.

      Tavis, there's a bug. The above directive compiles to
      'self._CHEETAH__globalSetVars[""] = 1'. It should raise an error.

      Mike Orr <sluggoster@...>
      (mso@... address is semi-reliable)

      Mike Orr <sluggoster@...>
      (mso@... address is semi-reliable)

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