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3143Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Re: psyco and 0.9.18

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  • Mike Orr
    Oct 2, 2005
      Mike Orr wrote:

      > William Dode wrote:
      >> On 30-09-2005, Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
      >>> Perhaps we should add something to the documentation. For instance,
      >>> we could add the following to the "Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting"
      >>> section:
      >>> 13.10 Using Cheetah with Psyco
      >>> Psycho cannot effectively be used with Cheetah. Cheetah uses frame
      >>> hackery to access the caller frame's variables. This is a known
      >>> limitation of Psyco.
      >> Do you think it could be possible to disable psyco only on somes
      >> function ? (with psyco.cannotcompile) i couldn't find wich one...
      >> Or the opposite, to disable this part of cheetah ? (i remember that
      >> older versions of cheetah was working with psyco) to see if cheetah
      >> without this hackery is faster or not than cheetah with psyco.
      > Cheetah's lookup code was changed around 0.9.16, so that could explain
      > the difference. Look at the CHANGES file. But given that the change
      > had some significant benefit (which I forget now), I doubt we'd want
      > to roll it back for psyco. "Disabling" it would prob'ly make Cheetah
      > not work at all.
      > Since the problem is in the namemapper module, you could just exclude
      > everything in that module from psyco.

      If you're using precompiled templates and want to try different Cheetah
      versions, be sure to recompile them when changing versions. There's
      been some incompatibility in the last version or two, so templates
      compiled by a newer Cheetah aren't compatible with an older version, or
      vice-versa. I've had that problem with templates compiled on Linux,
      after transferring them to a Mac that was set up just after or just
      before a new Cheetah version came out.

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