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2993[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] sessions randomly timing out

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  • Curtis Maloney
    Jul 2, 2005
      I've been developing an application using Cheetah for a few months now,
      but one frustrating bug just won't go away.

      I'm using 0.9.17 (recently updated from .16), on Apache 2.0.54 w/
      mod_python 3.1.4, and a hand rolled publisher, under Solaris 9. The
      publisher ensures that a start and stop method are called for every
      request, and those methods ensure that the session is loaded and saved.

      However, sessions only last 30minutes from their creation, NOT from
      their last access. Also, restarting the server can sometimes cause all
      sessions to die, even though it's quite clearly using BSDDB based sessions.

      I've looked through my code and the Cheetah Session code, and can't
      figure out why any of this keeps happening.

      Any ideas on what more to check, or why this is happening?

      Curtis Maloney

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