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2292Re: [Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Cheetah test failure

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  • Mike Orr
    Oct 3, 2003
      On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 03:31:42PM -0700, Robert Lilly wrote:
      > I just installed Cheetah and am following the User Guide. I got as far
      > as step 3.6 - Testing your installation. Cheetah failed miserably. The
      > results are attached.

      For "ImportError: No module named temp", make sure you're running the
      test in a directory you have write permission in. It wants to test
      writing a module and reading it back in. I think there was another
      something to check for too when this happens but I don't remember what
      it is. Maybe somebody else on the list remembers. It was discussed
      within the past month, when somebody else had problems with the tests.

      "TypeError: update() takes exactly one argument (0 given)" is tricky
      to explain. There's a bug in Cheetah that makes $update match a
      dictionary method rather than the variable it's supposed to match.
      The same thing happens with any variable with the same name as a
      dictionary method; e.g., $clear. This test is skipped if you're
      using the C version of the NameMapper, so most ppl don't see the
      error. But you are falling back to the Python version of the
      NameMapper, which means it can't load the C version. I think I
      remember hearing that the C version doesn't work on Windows.
      Fixing this bug in both NameMapper versions is one of the main
      priorities for 1.0, but it has to wait till Tavis has time to do
      it. In the meantime, ignore the error and don't use any $placeholder
      names that match dictionary method names. (But $self.update should
      be OK, along with $something.update, etc.)

      'AssertionError: Template output mismatch: ..." is because Python 2.3
      changed the behavior of boolean values, and the tests haven't been
      updated yet. Ignore them. In Python >= 2.3, str(1==1) and str(1==0)
      print print "True" and "False" respectively rather than "1" and "0".

      "AssertionError: subcommand killed by signal 1: cheetah compile --flat
      child/a.tmpl" means what it says. The subcommand failed for some
      reason. Again, the current directory being not writable is the most
      likely culprit. All those subcommand tests want to write files and
      create subdirectories.

      That should cover it.

      -Mike Orr (aka. Sluggo), mso@... (iron@...)
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