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411Re: [cheekdna] Genealogical matters

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  • chuckinduck@aol.com
    Apr 10, 2012
      Looks as though you may have indeed "connected the dots!"  If so, it will be an awesome breakthrough.  Looking forward to your next post.  Will it also include your reference and location of the Cheek family actually living in an adjacent farm in VA?  If so, was it the Cocke Farm?  Is there any reference to the "Colledge of Henricus," Osborne Towne, Coxendale, Cox or Osborne Families?  As you may know, they were the family names of intellectuals associated with Sir John while at Cambridge.
      My "what if" imagination is once again running wild.
      Charles E. Cheek
      Richmond, VA 
      In a message dated 4/10/2012 12:31:26 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, lornecheek@... writes:

      I have compared my DNA to the Randolph family data base and found an exact match.That person had the dirative spelling of Randle which is sometimes used to identify Jane Randolph or Randle.Interestingly,She named one of the Sons Randolph so I am inclined to believe her last name was in fact Randolph.I have also documented the Randolph and Cheek family living in adjacent farms in Virginia.Most people believe she is the daughter of Col.William Randolph.Anthony Cheek is listed in the Plantagenet rolls of the blood royal as being American,but his father is English.Jane Randolph is supposedly born in Hinton Waldrist which is in close proximity to Oxford college and Windsor castle where many Randolphs were born.Peter Cheek the father of Sir John owned an Inn in Oxford.John Cheeks children with Amy Hill attended Oxford college with Randolphs as well.I'll find specific names and events and post them!This information is saved in files and i have to access it.http://www.kateemersonhistoricals.com/TudorWomenD.htm      In this link are Agnus Duffield or Dufford wife of Peter Cheek and mother of Sir John.The link is alphabetical at the bottom of the page,page down to the name for a description.Also there is Mary hill Cheke wife of Sir John.She has a portrait.

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      Subject: Re: [cheekdna] Genealogical matters
      Thanks, Rebecca for weighing in on this.  I too believe original documentation is essential.  It is so very easy for any one of us to "fall off this slippery path of research."
      For whatever it is worth, here are two photos of the original William and Mary Randolph Family Cemetery.  Does anyone have evidence of a Jane Randolph related to this family who married into our family? 
      The above six photos are of the Cocke Family Cemetery.
      Charles E. Cheek
      Richmond, VA
      In a message dated 4/9/2012 12:33:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, cheekgenealogy@... writes:
      Hi all,

      The group has been very quiet lately! It is nice to have the opportunity to say hello and see how everyone is doing. We had a new participant awhile back whose information I need to post. Will do so soon!

      Anyway, just to weigh in on some of the "Cheek controversies" :-)

      I have never found any documentation that sheds light on the origins of John Cheek, Sr. of Old Rappahannock County, VA. http://www.moonzstuff.com/cheek/john1650.html

      Many of the Cheek family trees that are floating around the internet claim that John was the son of a man named Anthony Cheeke. Anthony is found in some records of Old Rapp. County from 1657/58 to 1664. Unfortunately, I've never found any documentation that links John and Anthony. A few years ago I spent a week at the Library of Virginia in Richmond trying to find something -- anything! But I came up with zip. The first record of John Cheek Sr. in Old Rapp. occurs in 1679, 15 years after the last record of Anthony Cheeke. No wills, deeds, or any other records to show that John and Anthony were even in Old Rapp. at the same time. The name "Anthony" never shows up in the families of John Cheek's descendants even though they seem to have been very conservative about their naming patters. (You find John, James, William, Robert, and Richard over and over again.) Therefore, I always leave Anthony Cheeke off my family trees. Could Anthony be John's father? It's possible, but I just don't know.

      I also haven't been able to trace the family of John Cheek, Sr., back to England, although the DNA evidence suggests the family is related to a Cheek family in Somerset. If anyone has found something I'd love to see it!!! The Cheek and Chick surnames are mainly found in southwestern England (Wessex) including historic region of Wessex,Devon, Dorset, Somerset, and Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight.


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