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407RE: [cheekdna] FW: Genealogical matters

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  • Deja Cheek
    Apr 9, 2012
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      Ditto!  I would love to have a catch up on what we've learned in the last couple of years since the last reunion.

      "I'll believe corporations are people when the state of Texas executes one!"

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      Subject: RE: [cheekdna] FW: Genealogical matters


      Hi Chuck,
      Thank you for attempting to get this runaway train back onto its tracks. I would love to see what you have obtained for Sir John.
      Best wishes,
      Terry W Cheek         

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      Very interesting! 
      Is the Randolph you mention the grandson of Richard and Jane (Randolph?) Cheek who lived in Warren Co., NC?  If so, it may be of interest to know that, finally, I was able to locate and just yesterday given the opportunity to visit the William and Mary (Isham) Randolph family cemetery.  It is on private property.  It is on a neighboring property where Richard and Temperence (Bailey) Cocke lived, where their family cemetery also remains today.  While it is not with proof that both families were associated with ours, their families were deeply involved in the founding of our country.  The Randolph's are recognized as the "Adam and Eve of Virginia Families."
      For quite some time I have attempted to find documentation connecting American Cheeks to those of England.  It is a "golden thread yet to be found."   Is this something you can share with the Cheek Clan -- with documentation?
      This past winter I obtained substantially more information on Sir John which will be shared with others having interest.
      Have fun in the quest to know our ancestors.
      Charles E. Cheek,
      Richmond, VA
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      Hey!My Cheek family is descended from sir John Cheek.I can trace the family father to son through the colonies back to Isle of Wight in the 1300's.I won't put all that in this email.One of my anscestors had a son Randolph Cheek whose descendants relocated to texas.He is not my anscestor directly but is the son of one of my anscestors.Good to hear from you!

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      Subject: [cheekdna] FW: Genealogical matters


      Oops didn't add you in original email.  Have a Happy Easter!

      Deja (Butch) Cheek

      "I'll believe corporations are people when the state of Texas executes one!"

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      Subject: FW: Genealogical matters
      Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 20:33:00 -0400


      My cousin Maggie forwarded me your email.  I expect that we are very distant cousins, as our name is not that common.  There is a group of us who have had our DNA submitted to a genealogical site and there have been a lot of connections with far flung branches of the family as a result of that.  I am forwarding this also to our project coordinators, Rebecca Moon and Jeff Williams, who will no doubt get in touch with you. 

      In a nutshell, based on DNA, it's believed that our family descended in the main from one of three men, a "John Cheek" who settled in the tidewater region of Virginia about 1650, and a "William of London" Cheek who migrated to the Colonies about a hundred years later, and a "George Cheek" who came about the same time and was one of the original founders of Front Royal, Virginia.  From there, the family moved south to the Carolinas, and to Tennessee, thence to Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  At least my branch of the Cheeks did. 

      The Family Tree DNA website for the Cheek Names project is:


      --where you can submit a DNA sample from one of the males in your family.  This is a commercial facility, and the tests do cost money, though not a great deal nowadays.  The actual Cheek forum/database is:


      where you can look up all sorts of interesting information.  One of the admins, Jeffery Williams, has also written an 800 page book listing 22,000 names and lineages that he has been able to collect over the years.  It's called "The Cheek Family Chronicles - of America, England, and Australia - a 700 Year History".

      Here is the web site where you can examine the book, and if he hasn't run out, order a copy:


      Welcome to the group, and I hope this helps you with your research!  Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. 

      Deja  (Butch) Cheek  of the San Saba Cheeks, descendant of Bill and Allie Cheek

      "I'll believe corporations are people when the state of Texas executes one!"

      > Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 15:00:36 -0700
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      > Subject: Genealogical matters
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      > Uncle, and Cousin, I write to you as I know you both have that wonderful book on Cheek families. I just received a letter from a lady who is trying to search her father's family.
      > I'll rewrite it here rather than wait until Monday to copy and mail. If you have knowledge or access to that book for her sake, maybe you can shed light.
      > Her note to me reads:
      > 4/5/2012
      > Hello,
      > I am trying to do some genealogical searches on my father's family and I don't seen to be getting very far. My father (Thomas Oscar Cheek dob1892)l was born in Luling, TX. His brother Johm E. Cheek was born 1888 and passed away in San Antonio in 1955. Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Buford Cheek Lafield, father: Jim Cheek? Can't find him anywhere. I was told he got killed working on a road after my father was born. Elizabeth married WK Lafield in 1895 in Luling, Tx. She passed away in 1938 in SA. One of her brothers was Forrest Buford and he lived in Stockdale. There are still some Lafields in San Antonio. If you know anything about the Cheek family I would appreciate all the information you could pass on to me. Thank you.
      > Sue Cheek Fowler
      > PO Box 1883
      > Denison, TX. 75021
      > 903 464 0020 home
      > 903 271 7360 cell
      > Fowlersue@...
      > I'll write her letting her know I've passed this forward to two gents who might be able to give more information from that book. Maybe you could even get her the address of the man who edited the book.... Anyway. My thanks for your trouble. Maggie

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