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Who Was Big In 05?

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  • sonny
    The Nigga Least Qualified To Give Other Rappers Fashion Advice Jim Jones * see We Heard Em Say Kobe Bryant Rape Verse of the Year Listening to this song kinda
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2005
      The Nigga Least Qualified To Give Other Rappers Fashion Advice
      Jim Jones * see We Heard Em Say

      Kobe Bryant Rape Verse of the Year
      "Listening to this song kinda make a nigga want something / Did some
      daydreaming / Now I'm fiending like I'm on something / Girl don't
      hold it from me/ Cause right now I'll be don strong arm it" - Lil
      Webbie "Give Me That"

      Are Our 15 Minutes Up Yet?
      Tie: D4L and Dem Franchise Boyz

      Seriously, I Didn't Know Pictures From My Camera Phone of My Pussy
      Would Get Plastered All Over The Internet Vida Guerra

      Since This Is My Label I Want To Be On The First Single And Also
      Make A Cameo In The Video
      50 Cent

      Most Annoying Adlibs
      Tie: Young Jeezy & Juelz Santana

      Gone In 60 Seconds

      Rewind That Shit Son!
      Eve's Sex Tape

      Oh, So Now You Niggas On My Sack?
      Bun B.

      "(The president) is incredible... A gangsta. I wanna meet George
      Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.I
      think people responded to it the best way they can. What Kanye West
      was saying, I don't know where that came from." - 50 Cent

      "God is watching. This is the start of a new beginning. It's no
      longer Peedi Crakk - - it's Peedi Peedi. I'm dropping Crakk. I'm not
      dropping it because of any other artist. I'm only dropping it 'cause
      I feel I don't wanna promote the negativety that kids might get from
      the name. I get a lot of mothers ask me, "Why Crakk?" And I don't
      have no explanation for it; that was the name given to me from the
      streets. I'm on the biggest label in hip-hop. Why not make a better
      decision? And I'm not supporting no more violence in my raps, or try
      my best not to. Everything is not going to be all positive, like me
      going to college or me watering flowers, 'cause that's not what my
      life consists of." - Peedi Peedi

      "Man Kanye's spaced out. That shit aint right what he be wearing.
      That shit be borderline homo. I can still fit 20/30 thou [sand] in
      one jean pocket, he can't fit two singles in his." - Jim Jones

      "They look up to me for inspiration. They need me to be a shining
      light. I'm cool with every single rapper, but my style does set me
      apart, though there are a couple of others who do have that same
      style. I'm just the most popular." - Kanye West

      "I'm not tryna be like Will Smith cause Will Smith is not a real
      rapper. He was more of a bubble gum rapper. The only real rappers
      out there right now are Me, Kanye, 50, and maybe Jay. But Jay ain't
      in it like that no more." - Bow Wow
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