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Lrytas.lt: More on trial of Degi Dudayev in Lithuania

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  • mariuslab2002
    Late Chechen President s Son Charged In Document Scam March 09,2013 VILNIUS -- The son of the late separatist Chechen President Djokhar Dudayev has been
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      Late Chechen President's Son Charged In Document Scam

      March 09,2013

      VILNIUS -- The son of the late separatist Chechen President Djokhar Dudayev has been charged with selling forged Lithuanian passports, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

      Vilnius Regional Prosecutor Office representatives told an RFE/RL correspondent today that Degi Dudayev was caught with several forged Lithuanian passports that he planned to hand to unidentified Chechens. The time of Dudayev's arrest was not specified.

      Four residents of the Lithuanian city of Kaunas were later arrested and charged with forging passports and other documents.

      Dudayev is suspected of acting as an intermediary between the forgers and Chechens abroad who planned to use the forged documents to enter the European Union. Investigators say that Degi Dudayev could have been involved in that illegal business for some time.

      Dudayev has been released but was asked not to leave Lithuania before the investigation is completed. The Lithuanian authorities have confiscated all his internal and travel documents.

      Degi Dudayev is a Georgian passport holder and has permanent residence rights in Lithuania.

      His father, the first president of the self-proclaimed independent Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, was killed by a Russian missile in April 1996.

      video clip at this link below:

      Dzhokhar Dudayev's son: I do not see anything wrong if people who were in danger, wanted to move Europe


      The whole article in Lithuanian language below:


      As always, this computer translation of the article is terrible, but one can get an idea about the whole story. ML

      Dudayev's son: "I just wanted to help people '
      Nerijus Povilaitis 2013-06-10 14:32, last updated 2013-06-10 18:39

      Dudayev's son Degi trial received a very high media profile. To record the court proceedings representatives of two Russian television channels - NTV and "Rossiya" have arrived.

      Journalists saw a considerable crowd around 29 year old D. Dudayev who did not hide is face, even gave a short interview.

      The intent was to help the illegals

      Living in Vilnius, the Russian-Georgian nationalities holding a late Chechen General's son accused of involvement in organized crime activities that engaged citizens of the Republic of Lithuania passport forgery and transfer to foreigners, but he insisted there is nothing wrong.

      "I do not see anything wrong if the people who were at risk, which is not safe to live in the Caucasus, along with their families wanted to move to Europe," - said D. Dudayev.

      When asked if the use of counterfeit passports Lithuania undocumented going to come to Lithuania and in other European Union countries, the accused said that knowing. D. Dudayev argued wanted to help two families.

      "That's seven people, a total of two families. I am familiar with them, but I communicated very long time. They Caucasus remain dangerous, because people wanted to move to Europe in a peaceful country. From where the passport - I do not know, I got into the car, I was just a passenger. Car stopped, looked and found documents "- told reporters D. Dudayev.

      Proceedings prevented translation

      Tragically killed in the Chechen president's son said, unaware that he is at risk for the alleged offenses, said the impending punishment has not said anything.

      On Monday, the court again failed to start examining the criminal case. Although the court entered all four defendants and their attorneys, it appears that D. Dudayev served Lithuanian drafted the indictment.

      If in doubt, or the defendant is aware Lithuanian language, he said just learning simple phrases and asked to read the legal text in Russian. The court ordered the prosecution to the Russian translation of the indictment, and it served the capital living in D. Dudayev. Next meeting is scheduled for court on July 22.

      Dock - a multicolored audience

      Together with D. Dudayev the dock sat down with higher education translation company director, Alius Cyril 37 years, 25-year-old technician installer Dainius Ivaška 8th grade education, and 26-year-old Nerijus Moncevičius.

      Foursome accused even by 5 of the Criminal Code articles. They are accused of that, acting in large quantities of documents, as well as without a purpose considered distribute drugs, they also alleged stamp, stamps, kidnapping or disposition of them. And also the equipment seals, documents or strict accountability forgery manufacture, possession, transportation, transmission, or disposal. All the accused at large, was arrested in another case only N. Moncevičius.

      D. Dudayev Law enforcement officers were caught in March last year at the Kaunas shopping and leisure center "Mega". After a lengthy investigation it detained the State Border Guard Service of the Operational Group.

      Border guards in the car, which from Kaunas to Vilnius took place in the Chechen president's son found seven counterfeit passports Republic of Lithuania.

      Immediately after D. Dudayev detention operatives raided three Kaunas - A. Jankausko, D. Ivask and N. Moncevičiaus - at home. At one of them detected forgery factory in our, it is also found in many countries of false documents, and their templates.

      Lithuanian fake passports were opening the door to the EU

      Law enforcement officers found several dozen Lithuanian fake passports, identity cards, counterfeit payment cards and other documents.

      Portal lrytas.lt According to sources, the operation in which the forged passports were detained from Kaunas to Vilnius conveying D. Dudayev, was quite a long time.

      The study was launched VSAT officers taken into consideration on the fact that the Lithuanian travels to Germany do not speak Lithuanian Caucasian country nationals Lithuanian passports.

      Operatives to the increasing interest in where they receive a high-quality forged passports have been identified and the possible link between Kaunas functioned document forgers and immigrants - a dual citizenship between Russia and Georgia with D. Dudayev.

      Law enforcement suspect started to follow and listen to his telephone conversations were unmasked all organized group of counterfeiters.

      Lithuanian fake passports to residents who have completed the Caucasus countries were opening the door not only to the European Union countries, but also to many other countries.
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