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CC: List of Chechens, Abducted by Russian FSB in Chechnya During Last Month

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  • Norbert Strade
    ChechenCenter List of Chechens, Abducted by Russian FSB in Chechnya During Last Month Written by Maiu Plado Wednesday, 12 June 2013 01:51 1. Sultan Akhyadovich
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      List of Chechens, Abducted by Russian FSB in Chechnya During Last Month

      Written by Maiu Plado

      Wednesday, 12 June 2013 01:51

      1. Sultan Akhyadovich SOLTAGIRAEV (Cолтагираев Cултан Aхъядович), 1954, a native of the Chechen city Argun, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the 20th of May, 2013, at the Azerbaijani-Russian border.
      He was registered as UN Refugee 786-04?05614 from 2005 in Azerbaijan under name of Muslim Bibulatov and had passport with this name.
      Soltagiraev went from Azerbaijan to Chechnya through the customs post in the town of Derbent, Dagestan on the 20th of May, about 12:00 at noon. He and his companions passed safely the Azerbaijani section of the border. Passing the Russian segment of the border, traveling companions waited for Soltagiraev. They waited for him for about an hour, but he never showed up. Concerned, they turned to the border guards, but those told they do not know. Thinking that the he possibly was sent back to Azerbaijan, traveling companions called relatives in Baku. But Soltagiraev was not there. His fate is still unknown.
      According to relatives, Soltagiraev was taken from Derbent security forces of the Chechen Republic, presumably with the Shali district police department.
      Soltagiraev was a supporter of the independence of the Chechen Republic since the 90's, was closely acquainted with Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, the former president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. He never participated in war activities.
      Fearing persecution, he tried 3 times in 2001-2002 to receive foreign passport in Chechnya for going to Azerbaijan. He was 3 times refused and 3 times invited to FSB. After that, to save his life, he succeeded to receive passport under name of Muslim Bibulatov and succeeded to go to Azerbaijan.
      Because of irresponsible work of Baku UNCHR Office he was during 7-8 years not sent to third countries.
      It's important to note that despite of the deportation of Chechens by Azerbaijan government and facts of kidnapping them, Baku UNCHR Office practically has stopped sending Chechens to third countries and tries to deprive Chechens from the refugee status. According to Refugees, Baku UNCHR Office receives only money from Geneva headquarters for doing nothing. Chechens confirm also- confidential materials from Baku Office about Chechen refugees have leaked to Russian services.

      2. Beslan BAIDULAEV, born 1977, a resident of Grozny, disappeared under mysterious circumstances at Yandi village, Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya. Human Rights Center "Memorial" and the "Civic Assistance" became aware of the disappearance on the 22nd of May, 2013
      Beslan arrived to farmhouse belonging to his family to help with the housework, on May 21. He sat up until late night with his cousin's, later went to sleep into his house. The villagers saw next to his house a large number of security forces in the early morning on the 22nd of May. Beslan did not returned to Groznyi.
      Relatives of Beslan phoned to Achkhoy-Martan district police department on the May 23, and asked them to come. When police arrived, they informed that on May 22 their staff tried to detain Beslan, but he escaped. Relatives were demanded to know where he is, otherwise police threatened to burn their house.
      Relatives of Beslan were again invited to the police station and police repeated the same demands and threats.
      Relatives reported to human rights defenders that Beslan Baidulaev was convicted of aiding the illegal armed formations in 2009. He served his sentence and returned to Grozny in 2009, began civilian life, married, into family were born two children.
      He had to go each week to show himself in the district police.
      Relatives are convinced that Beslam did not run away and did not had any contacts with the underground because he was the only support of the aged and sick father. According to them, Beslan was not armed, no one did not hear the shots on the day of his disappearance.
      Relatives fear that he had been kidnapped, illegally detained at an unknown location and subjected to violence. http://hrcmemorial.livejournal.com/161893.html

      3. Aslam(n)beck Ali(y)evich IBRAGIMOV, borned in 1980, was abducted on May 30, at 3.00am. He was taken out from the house in front of his father by masked men and taken to unknown direction. This incident occurred in the Verhniy-Naur village,Nadterechnyi district of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. A young man who was later found dead was recently kidnapped from the village Gvardeiskoe of the same district. http://chechenpress.org/developments/3988-v-ichkerii-pokhishchen-zhitel-s-verkhnij-naur.html

      4. World known Chechen human rights activist Said-Emin IBRAGIMOV, who resides together with his wife and son Said-Emin Ibragimov in Strasbourg, France, sent letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin, accusing him in Chechen genocide and war crimes. http://chechencenter.info/n/events/2030-1.html

      After that he was threaten by unknown people on the street of Strasbourg and demanded to take letter back. http://chechencenter.info/n/42-world/2029-1.html

      Later his son Said-Magomed was imprisoned in France http://chechencenter.info/n/44-european-news/2052-1.html Two years ago 4 people from who 2 had knives attacked him on the Strasbourg. He started to defend himself only after that he was beaten twice by knife. One elderly French couple witnessed this provocation and court decided this time that he was innocent by defending himself alone against four people. After that father Said-Emin Ibragimov sent letter to Putin, the son was imprisoned again.
      In addition to this Sultan VAHAEV (VAKHAEV), (Султан Вахаев), a son-in-law of Said-Emin Ibragimov, was abducted and is currently tortured in Khosi-Yurt, Chechnya. Real estate which belonged to Said-Emin Ibragimov- house, flats- are taken away by illegal way by using his daughter Laila.
      Said-Emin Ibragimov's daughter Laila with her children is encircled in one-room apartment into door of which are constantly knocking unknown people. Their food is at the end, the children are in shock and by every knocking to the door are hiding in the corners.
      Her application to police about abduction of her husband which she gave via her friends, was rejected because the applicant must give it herself with her own passport. This she could not do because of real danger to be abducted herself.
      Mr. Said-Emin Ibragimov received message on behalf of the Court of Urus-Martan district of Chechnya, that he needs to come to Chechnya if he does not want to lose a daughter and grandchildren.

      Sultan Vahaev (Vakhaev) received an ultimatum- either to give them (kidnappers) money, or to give up his wife and children so that they could claim debt to Said-Emin Ibragimov for daughter and grandchildren,

      In this case, the abductors promised to release the Sultan, and to demand money from the family of his wife, that is from Said-Emin.
      Detail information: http://chechenpress.org/developments/3971-v-okkupirovannoj-rossijskimi-vojskami-chechenii-pokhitili-ottsa-mnogodetnoj-semi-sultana-vakhaeva.html

      For all abductions, however they are organised, are responsible Russian government and Russian FSB. At least by one case we were informed by relatives that abduction was done by Russian FSB unite in Chechnya which is directly subordinated to Russian Federals and not to Chechen puppet government. We have been informed also earlier that Russian FSB tries to hide their leading role and wants to abductions and other crimes as initiative of Chechen puppet government, only.



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