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CK: Special operation in Arshty was disrupted by Ingush party, "Chechen power agents" assert

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  • Norbert Strade
    Caucasian Knot Special operation in Arshty was disrupted by Ingush party, Chechen power agents assert Apr 19 2013 On April 18, in Ingushetia, search of Dokku
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      Caucasian Knot

      Special operation in Arshty was disrupted by Ingush party, Chechen power agents assert

      Apr 19 2013

      On April 18, in Ingushetia, search of Dokku Umarov was continued, but because of the actions of the Ingush party the secret special operation to capture him was disrupted, said a high-ranking law enforcement official of Chechnya.

      Let us remind you that according to the Security Council of Ingushetia, on April 18, about 300 power agents of Chechnya entered the Ingush village of Arshty under the pretext of a special operation. However, the above Council believes that the true purpose of the visit was an attempt to organize a rally on the territorial dispute between the republics. Policemen from Chechnya entered a confrontation with Ingush policemen, six of whom received injuries of varying degrees of severity, said Beslan Matiev, the Minister of Public Health of Ingushetia.

      The "Caucasian Knot" was informed by a high-ranking law enforcement official of Chechnya: "We received information by operative channels information that the leader of militants Dokku Umarov and his helpers were in the area of the village of Arshty. To arrest or neutralize the bandits, it was decided to conduct a special operation. The main precondition in such cases is the suddenness; therefore, our Ingush colleagues were not informed about it in order to avoid leak of information," said the source.

      "However, already at crossing the administrative border, the Ingush post policemen blocked the way of our motorcade, and then gathered local population in the village. Eventually, we had to stop the operation, as it lost sense, because militants obtained time to hide," a law enforcement source from Chechnya gave his point of view.

      The search operations against militants involved about 300 law enforcers from Chechnya and several armoured vehicles, a source from law enforcement bodies of Chechnya said on condition of anonymity.

      "The allegations that this operation had some other goals and tasks related to the territorial dispute of our republics, it is just a fruit of imagination of our neighbours," he stressed.

      The law enforcement bodies of Ingushetia are not very active in searching and liquidating militants and small groups of the armed underground, which move in the vicinity of the administrative border of the two republics, said in his turn a representative of the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs.

      During the incident, no one from law enforcers of Ingushetia suffered from violence; and none of them was hurt, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said today.

      Meanwhile, today, the head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov has instructed the leadership of the local MIA not to admit power agents from the neighbouring regions to conduct special operations and other activities in the territory of Ingushetia without prior approval.

      Author: Muslim Ibragimov; Source: CK correspondent


      As I commented before, I don't believe the Russian occupiers are ready to "retire" Umarov at this point. So the real story is apparently that the Kadyrovites tried to organize a provocation in Ingushetia but were stopped by local "law enforcement". Pathetic. N.S.
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