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Re: JF: Continuing Human Rights Abuses Force Chechens to Flee to Europe

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  • Robert D Bower
    Dear Group,This quite interesting and objective article contains some misleading statements. First and foremost, Mairbek Vachagaev did not emphasize that the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2013
      Dear Group,This quite interesting and objective article contains some misleading statements. First and foremost, Mairbek Vachagaev did not emphasize that the main cause for Chechens' emigration from their homeland is the horrible system of FSB-sponsored terror in Chechnya that deprives most population of sense of security and perspectives for the future. Neither "abuses" of human rights, nor search for "better life for children," let alone "separatist ideas", force Chechens to flee their homes but overall system of lawlessness sponsored and supported by all Russia "law enforcement". Chechens complain that nobody can sleep safely, without fear that death squads would burst into their house to abduct anybody. Abductions, disappearances, tortures, arbitrary arrests and show trials are systemic in Chechnya, not accidental "abuses". Chechens also complain that up to 50 percent of their salaries, pensions, compensations are being extorted by Kadyrov's
      "officials", for every paper and at every step; no way of opening their business without bribes and extortions. All these "abuses" are systemic, too. This is a system of deliberate physical, economic and moral reducing of the Chechen nation, to force the most population to feel constant fear and deprivation of basic rights. Demonstrative luxury of Kadyrov's close-knit circle, imitation of rapid "reconstruction" of the country, as well as some harsh "Islamic" measures, all these are policies of a system created by the FSB to hold Chechens at the lowest level possible and slowly reduce the nation. If Chechens in the European Union more emphasized this system, less deportations would occur. This system created as a hybrid of Stalin's terror and Mafia lawlessness. Of course, such system creates insecurity for the most of population in Chechnya, regardless of their "separatist ideas" as well as political or civil activity. Another Mairbek's big mistake is
      not emphasizing that attempts of Kadyrov to create pro-Russian Chechen centers in EU countries are not only resisted by these countries but that they are doing it for crucial reasons. First, because Kadyrov is illegitimate dictator appointed by the FSB. Second, because of his cruelty and nastiness that would pose direct threat to EU countries should they allow such "centers" in their countries. Did you forget, Mairbek, to emphasize that FSB, not Chechen moderate separatists, staged numerous terror acts in Chechnya and Russia? Third, such Kadyrov-controlled centers would pose a grave threat for Chechen immigrants in EU countries. In Austria, Mr. Israilov, former Kadyrov bodyguard and a plaintiff to European Court for Human Rights, was assassinated in daylight even without such "center", so can you imagine life in these countries should they agree to create such centers?And third Mairbek's underestimation is that he did not mention enormous ethnic hatred
      ignited in Russia towards Chechens and Caucasian people.  I would draw attention of the readers of this group to emphasize systemic nature of Kadyrov-Putin regime in Chechnya to make more understandable the reasons for mass emigration of Chechens and other residents of North Caucasus.        Nadezhda Banchik 

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