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CK: Victim of attack on Nalchik claims her house was burnt down by power agents

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  • Norbert Strade
    Caucasian Knot Woman-victim of attack on Nalchik claims her house was burnt down by power agents Nov 10 2011 Today, the court continues to listen to the
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      Caucasian Knot

      Woman-victim of attack on Nalchik claims her house was burnt down by power agents

      Nov 10 2011

      Today, the court continues to listen to the victims on the case of attack on Nalchik on October 13, 2005. The victims testify on the episode of attack on the regiment of the patrol-and-post service (PPS). In particular, Lera Erizhokova talked about how her house burned down and how her son-in-law was detained.

      Responding to the Judge's question, whether she had relatives among the defendants, Lera Erizhokova explained that the figurant Eduard Mironov was the husband of her daughter.

      According to the victim, on November 13 at 3:00 p.m. people in masks ran into her house in the village of Volny. According to the woman, they asked her to leave as soon as possible and explained that her son-in-law Eduard Mironov, who participated in the attack on Nalchik, hided in other part of the house.

      The woman with her daughter and grandchildren went to the neighbours. Later, the police officers asked her that she urged her son-in-law to surrender. According to Lera Erizhokova, Eduard Mironov listened to her and left the house.

      After a while, at the request of the law enforcement agents, Eduard Mironov entered the house again to take off Braev, the second man from the wanted list. However, he refused to surrender, and, later, he was shot dead in fire-fight.

      According to the victim, two hours later, her house was on fire. Lera Erizhokova did not exactly know how the fire originated; however, referring to her neighbours' story, she stated that the house had been set on fire by Molotov cocktails.

      According to Lera Erizhokova, she has been living in an apartment for five years already. She burst into tears when she talked about that and explained that she was paid the amount of 700 thousand roubles for the property destroyed by fire and she received no compensation for her burnt-out house. According to the woman, that money was not enough to purchase even a studio apartment.

      "The order to set the house on fire was given by Khachim Shogenov, then Minister of Internal Affairs," stated Lera Erizhokova.

      She added that since 2003 their house underwent regular searches. According to the woman, extremist literature was sought.

      The lawyer Oleg Kelemetov asked the victim about the lifestyle of the defendant. The woman said that at first Mironov worked at car washes, then he bought cheap cars, repaired them and sold them. According to the woman, her son-in-law "had to often change his job, since police officers often visit him at his working places."

      "Once we with his mother told him that he should go to find out what they want from him. He went there and returned only in three days with broken ribs," said the victim.

      According to Lera Erizhokova, three months before the events of October 13, 2005, Mironov lived in the city of Kislovodsk, where his uncle gave him the line for production of pasta. "My son-in-law was organizing the production, he rented an apartment and was going to bring his wife and children there," said the victim and added that on the eve of the attack she did not seen him at home and did not know that he had been there before his detention.

      Author: Luiza Orazaeva; Source: CK correspondent

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