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CC: Khusayn Gakaev went to Elistanji and changed tactics

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  • Norbert Strade
    Chechencenter Khusay Gakaev went to Elistanji and changed tactics Monday, 29 November 2010 Chechnya informs of Khusayn Gakaev s visit to the village of
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      Khusay Gakaev went to Elistanji and changed tactics

      Monday, 29 November 2010

      Chechnya informs of Khusayn Gakaev's visit to the village of Elistanji. According to Ichkerian citizens, Khusayn Gakaev had over 80 personal body guards who provided him save visit to Elistanji.

      Leader of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria forces, Khusayn Gakaev, descent from mountains to the village called Elistanji to meet his relatives. According to Ichkerian sources, Eslitanji is the village of Khusayn Gakaev and therefore, means a lot to him. Some Chechen citizens point out that Khusayn Gakaev visited his relative village not only to see his relatives but to take the male population to mountains and to ensure the others of the Chechen Forces' ability to liberate Chechnya.

      Khusayn Gakaev, leader of Shura Madjlisul' ChRI (military parliament) made few statements, inform some eyewitnesses. One of the main change Khusayn Gakaev has made is to disallow Chechen rebels of using walkie-talkies. This has already caused problems for Kadyrov people who couldn't hear of Khusayn Gakaev at all during last weeks. As Kadyrov so-called "official-agency" states, they have heard Khusayn Gakaev once at the beginning of November but never heard of him since then. Kadyrov even rushed to inform that there is nothing known of Khusayn Gakaev anymore and therefore Chechen rebels do not exist in Chechnya, where right after his speech, Chechen Leader Khusayn Gakaev visited his village with over 80 rebels.

      Russian experts say that Chechen rebels have their military camps all over Chechnya and that all mountains in Chechnya are under Khusayn Gakaev's control. Experts also say that Chechen rebels are freely moving for any type of long distances without any problems because they know Chechnya as their five fingers. Some of Khusayn Gakaev's forces even go to the other republics of North Caucasus to discuss the Caucasus war for liberation. And their silence and changes in communications might mean that they have planned something sweet for Ramzan Kadyrov say Russian experts.



      The Kavkaz-uzel article which this is mainly based on (in Russian):

      Chechenews on the same issue (also in Russian):

    • Norbert Strade
      Caucasian Knot Militants leave Chechen mountains, local authorities assert Nov 29 2010 In Chechnya, power agents do not register any militants mobile or radio
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 2, 2010
        Caucasian Knot

        Militants leave Chechen mountains, local authorities assert

        Nov 29 2010

        In Chechnya, power agents do not register any militants' mobile or radio talks in one of the most troubled regions of Chechnya - the Vedeno District. On this basis, local authorities have concluded that rebels had left the district. In the opinion of local observers, members of armed groupings have long quitted the practice of negotiation on the air.

        At the end of last week, Shemil Magomaev head of the district administration, stated at the meeting with Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov that the mountainous Vedeno District had no more traces of the presence there of illegal armed formations (IAFs). As a rule, they deploy their camps and bases in remote wooded areas of highland regions of Chechnya.

        "We have every reason to believe that IAF members have relocated to adjacent territories. It's possible that their leaders are no longer in Russia," said Magomaev during his meeting with Kadyrov.

        Meanwhile, local experts believe that it is premature to talk about absence of members of armed underground in this or that region of the republic only because their telephone or radio communications are no longer registered.

        "Today the country has almost no large militants' regiments. They prefer to act in small groups of five to ten persons and unite, if necessary, into larger groupings, as it was on August 29 during the attack on the village of Tsentoroi. Leaders of the armed underground have long refused from using walkie-talkies or cell phones, since they are well aware that their talks can be instantly detected," said an expert, who asked not to name him.

        According to the source, the militants would rather use couriers from among locals who know the localities than to reveal themselves by speaking on air.

        "Militants have their bases and camps in almost all foothill and mountainous areas, where we have dense forests; they are quite free to move at fairly long distance; if necessary, they move from one district to another, and even to neighbouring Caucasus republics. Their long silence in wireless communications may also indicate preparation of some major action," another local observer believes.

        Author: Muslim Ibragimov; Source: CK correspondent

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