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CK: No more "Zapad" and "Vostok" battalions in Chechnya

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  • Norbert Strade
    Caucasian Knot 8/11/2008 No more Zapad and Vostok battalions in Chechnya The battalions Zapad (West) and Vostok (East) of the 42nd Motorized Rifle
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2008
      Caucasian Knot

      No more "Zapad" and "Vostok" battalions in Chechnya

      The battalions "Zapad" (West) and "Vostok" (East) of the 42nd Motorized
      Rifle Division of the Russian Ministry of Defence, deployed in the
      territory of Chechnya, are transformed into motorized rifle companies;
      is was announced by General-Colonel Vladimir Moltenskoy, Deputy
      Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces.

      "These subdivisions will no longer exist," reports the press service of
      Chechen President with reference to Mr Moltenskoy. These battalions are
      transformed into motor-rife companies in the structure of the 42nd
      Motor-Rifle Division of the Ministry of Defence deployed in Chechnya,
      the General has explained.

      The transformation of the battalions "Zapad" and "Vostok" is made within
      the process of reshaping the image of the Land Forces. "The motorized
      rifle companies will be engaged in combat training under the plans and
      only within the structure of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division," the RIA
      "Novosti" quotes Vladimir Moltenskoy as saying. Earlier, the "Interfax"
      reported with reference to the General that the battalions "Zapad" and
      "Vostok" would be disbanded. From now on, the staff of the units is on

      According to Mr Moltenskoy, a special commission set up by the Ministry
      of Defence together with the Military Prosecutor's Office will start
      investigating the crimes incriminated to former servicemen of these

      The battalions "Zapad" and "Vostok" of the special troops under the
      so-called GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General
      Staff), consisting of ethnic Chechens, were created in 2003. The "Zapad"
      employs natives of the Nadterechny District of the republic, who
      initially had been in opposition to the authorities of self-proclaimed
      Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, back under Dzhokhar Dudaev and Aslan

      The core of the "Vostok", which until recently was under command of
      Lieutenant Colonel Sulim Yamadaev, was made of former fighters of the
      2nd Battalion of National Guard of Ichkeria, where Yamadaev was in
      command in the time of Aslan Maskhadov's power.

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