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CK: In Ingushetia, convict's mother asks human rights defenders for help

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  • Norbert Strade
    Caucasian Knot 31/10/2008 In Ingushetia, convict s mother asks human rights defenders for help Mother of Magomed Tsechoev, condemned for an attack on power
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
      Caucasian Knot

      In Ingushetia, convict's mother asks human rights defenders for help

      Mother of Magomed Tsechoev, condemned for an attack on power agencies of
      Ingushetia, insists that her son is innocent, asserts that he was
      tortured and asks human rights activists to meet him in the colony.
      Tsechoev's case is pending at the European Court for Human Rights for
      two years already.

      On September 18, a meeting took place in the office of the Regional
      Public Movement "Chechen Committee of National Salvation" of Liudmila
      Alekseeva, Chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group, and V. Borschov, Chairman
      of the Board of the Fund "Social Partnership" and Head of the Section of
      Law Enforcement Bodies of the Experts' Council at the Russian Ombudsman,
      with representatives of human rights organizations of Ingushetia and
      those citizens of this Republic, who assert that their rights and those
      of the relatives are breached, in their opinion, by officials from power

      Among the persons who addressed on that day to the human rights
      activists was Lyubov Magomed-Gireevna Tsechoeva, a resident of the city
      of Nazran and mother of seven children, whose senior son Magomed-Khamid
      Ruslanovich Tsechoev, born in 1974, was sentenced on August 3, 2005, to
      13 years of imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Ingushetia on charges
      of attacking power agencies of Ingushetia.

      The document runs that Magomed-Khamid had nothing to do with the
      incriminated crime and gives the statement of Tsechoev himself.

      According to his version, he had been detained in his workplace (guarded
      object of the "Monolith" Construction Company in the city of Magas) on
      August 2, 2004, by employees of law enforcement bodies who used brute
      force and gave no explanations of their actions.

      According to his explanations, after detention, they demanded from him
      to confess, with the help of torture (he was tortured with electric
      current, they put a polyethylene bag over his head to block his breath
      and beat his organs with truncheons (liver, kidneys and, especially, his
      head)), of taking part in the attack at night on June 21-22, 2004, on
      law enforcement structures of Ingushetia.

      Tsechoev's mother has stated that he had repeatedly addressed the
      authorities, the prosecutor's office and public and human rights
      organizations with a request to defend her son Magomed-Khamid from
      torture, mockery and humiliation of power agents. She also demanded that
      the persons guilty of mockery and humiliation be brought to criminal
      liability according to the current legislation, but all her appeals
      remained unanswered.

      As she said, "this year he was brought to Ingushetia by mistake", where
      she managed to have a meeting with him; her son had told her that the
      conditions in his colony "were awful and unbearable. He was permanently
      kept in the dungeon."

      Mother asserts that her son "was forbidden to pray, call home and see
      his relatives for two years, moreover he was warned that he would not
      survive there, and his complaints would only aggravate his position."
      According to her story, Magomed's health is completely ruined, and he
      has no access even to elementary medical care.

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