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Novaya Gazeta: Hunting After People For Interrogation

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  • mariuslab2002
    Investigations Hunting After People For Interrogation Special groups have been sent to Moscow from Chechnya. Their task is kidnapping people who have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2008

      Hunting After People For Interrogation

      Special groups have been sent to Moscow from Chechnya. Their task is
      kidnapping people who have information about celebrated crimes and
      pressurizing people unfavorable with Ramzan Kadyrov

      ITAR - TASS
      Moscow, 2006. The scene of murder of Movladi Baisarov.

      On the evening of 31st January 2008 the criminal authority Movladi
      Atlangireev was kidnapped in Moscow. Due to a chapter of accidents he
      was not armed and so was able to offer no resistance.

      The kidnappers came in two SUVs Mercedes to the "Karetny Dvor"
      restaurant where Atlangireev was having dinner. They hit him with a
      hilt and took away. There was no shooting done. A criminal case was
      started on the kidnapping count with no results published yet. We have
      a feeling that there is not going to be any official information about
      this incident for long. There are two reasons for such secrecy: the
      personality of Atlangireev himself and the personality of the man who
      ordered this crime.

      Novaya Gazeta got to know the details of kidnapping of the man about
      whom the newspaper is interested to know due to his involvement in the
      Anna Politkovskaya's murder. So it is known that one of the
      kidnappers' SUVs had the license number E 777 HE 177. It's Beslan
      Khakimov (aka Zelimkhan Israilov) who has driven around Moscow in that
      car recently. Aslanbek (aka Supyan) Baisarov was at the wheel of the
      other SUV, which license number is R800AC199. And Atlangeriev himself
      was seen in Chechnya afterwards in Zentori (that's where the
      headquarters of Ramzan Kadyrov is) and in Gudermes. Every time he was
      seen being accompanied with armed people.

      The story of kidnapping this influential and well informed person got
      known only this spring. Shortly before his resignation the former
      chief of State Investigative Division at the Prosecutor General's
      Office Dmitry Dovgiy shared with the journalists his hypothesis of the
      murder of Novaya Gazeta's observer. Besides Berezovsky he gave another
      name – Hoj-Akhmed Nukhaev.

      It's Nukhaev – he is residing in Turkey at the moment and is having a
      successful oil business through Russian ports – the kidnapped
      Atlangeriev and the FSB agent Max Lazovsky (he was killed in 2000 with
      the unknown circumstances) who organized the "Lazanskaya" criminal
      group in the end of the 80's. The group was engaged in criminal wars,
      in struggle for Novorossiysk and Tuapse sea ports. The security
      services officers, who worked in the Lazovsky-Nukhaev's firm "Lanako",
      organized first explosions in Moscow. Anyway, it's been since long
      that everyone was sure that "Lazansky" group is out of action.

      However, in August 2006 a certain Gaitukaev was arrested in Moscow
      being charged with organization of attempt on a Ukrainian businessman
      Korban. Gaitukaev was also suspected of being involved in several
      celebrated murders including that of Anna Politkovskaya. It turned out
      that "Lazanskaya" group had not disappeared and had been actively
      working in the post-soviet space being specialized in hired murders
      and drug dealing.

      It is known little about Gaitukaev. He is the uncle of the brothers
      Makhmudov arrested on the Politkovskaya's case. A member of the
      "Lazanskaya" group, he is an old acquaintance of Atlangireev. Being
      angry with the sentence, Gaitukaev told during the trial he had worked
      in the Ukraine by order from FSB.

      The kidnapped Atlangireev also used to be related to Russian special
      services. He complied with delicate tasks during the first and second
      Chechen wars and was acquainted personally with FSB high officials.
      Some generals were even present at the wedding of his relatives. And
      once he was even awarded with gratuity weapon. Atlangireev is a very
      well informed person who gave a witness testimony in the course of
      investigating many criminal cases.

      In 2007 he was deported from London as the British special services
      suspected him of being engaged in organizing an attempt on Berezovsky.
      Since that moment till the kidnapping day there had been nothing heard
      of him.

      Few know that it's not only Atlangireev who was kidnapped. In February
      2008, a week after the incident near the "Karetny Dvor" restaurant, a
      friend of Atlangireev's, Zaindi Shakhbiev, related to the Chechen
      business in Moscow, was fixed a date by a certain Sulim Geremeev who
      came to that meeting in a Mercedes with the license number R 007 ET
      177. After that talk Shakhbiev left hastily for Chechnya and he got
      missing there.

      The family name of Geremeev is known to Novaya Gazeta in relation to
      Anna Politkovskaya's case again. In October 2006, a few days after the
      murder, our office was visited by Bislan Gantamirov, the former
      vice-premier and mayor of Grozny. At presence of the officers from the
      central apparatus of MVD he told that three groups of the law
      enforcers from Chechnya had been sent to Moscow with the purpose of
      killing him, Politkovskaya and former Chechen enforcer and bodyguard
      for Akhmat Kadyrov, Movladi Baisarov, who cooperated with FSB. He did
      not explain clearly why he had kept that information to himself for
      rather long. Anyway, we received the list of people included in all
      the three groups, and we passed that list to MVD.

      By that moment, one of those groups had been arrested accidentally,
      during inspection of documents by the road police. A killer's kit was
      found in their car including a big bore designed for shooting at the
      armored vehicles. The detained had certificates of Chechen MVD
      officers. However, they failed to show any warrant or documents
      allowing them going around Moscow with the trunk crammed with weapons.
      Despite the criminal case started, the detainees were released at
      last, and there is no information about where the investigation came

      The information about other groups, told about by Gantamirov, was not
      realized either. The outcome is known: Baisarov was killed in the
      center of Moscow at presence of the former driver of the terrorist
      Raduev, afterwards Chechen vice-premier, and now the deputy of the
      State Duma Delimkhanov.

      Outcome number two: kidnapping of Shakhbiev. The matter is that the
      name of the supposed accomplice in that crime, Geremeev, was also
      mentioned in the lists presented by Gantamirov.

      One may come to several conclusions looking at all that criminal
      tangle. First, the Chechen law enforcement agencies use the tactics
      similar to that used by Moscow services in Chechnya. That's about
      sending small special groups targeted for accomplishing secret tasks:
      kidnapping and out-of-court reprisal.

      Second, the kidnapped are very well informed people capable of casting
      light to the circumstances of a number of hired murders and terrorist
      acts. So the question arises: the kidnappings intend to cover tracks
      or they are done for carrying out one's own independent (and
      criminal-like) investigation?

      Vyacheslav Izmailov
      Sergey Sokolov

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