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Moscow Helsinki Group adopts Putin-speak (Interfax)

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  • Norbert Strade
    Chechen amnesty strategically right step - Moscow Helsinki Group head MOSCOW. July 31 (Interfax) - Amnesty for certain former members of illegal armed groups
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      Chechen amnesty "strategically right" step - Moscow Helsinki Group head

      MOSCOW. July 31 (Interfax) - Amnesty for certain former members of
      illegal armed groups in Chechnya is a "strategically right" move on the
      part of the federal government, Moscow Helsinki Group Chair Lyudmila
      Alexeyeva has said.

      "The very idea of an amnesty is good, and it was proposed at the right
      time - after Basayev's killing. This proposal is strategically right,"
      Alexeyeva said.

      "I support the idea that hostilities should stop, the people return back
      home from the mountains, and that those not guilty [of serious crimes]
      be forgiven. It's always better to try to come to terms than to kill,"
      she said.

      Alexeyeva said she hoped the courts would be objective in their rulings
      in cases related to the amnesty.

      "Sure, it is primarily those who consider themselves not stained in
      blood and hope that the courts would rule in their favor who would
      respond to the call to lay down their arms. But I know how our courts
      consider the so-called Chechen cases, and I have some concerns in this
      respect," she said.

      Another prominent human rights activist, Memorial center head Oleg
      Orlov, said earlier that, for the amnesty to bring about positive
      results, the former militants thinking of giving up should be offered
      certain security guarantees.

      "The impression that you get now is that the planned amnesty is a kind
      of propagandistic step," he said.

      (With the usual reservations against possible "interpretations" of the
      statements by the Russian propaganda agencies): This speaks for itself.
      The chairperson of the "Moscow Helsinki Group" has openly chosen sides
      by completely adopting the mendacious terminology of the Russian
      aggressor. "Those not guilty of serious crimes"??? What about the
      150,000-fold mass murderer, war criminal, national and international
      terrorist Vladimir Putin, his accomplices and predecessors? The
      international community (I mean the real one, not the various gangs
      going by the same name) will certainly not amnesty those bloody
      criminals, whose place is before an international war crimes tribunal.
      And what progress can this chatter about an "amnesty" possibly bring?
      Russia has no legitimate rights in the ChRI and thus can't declare
      "amnesties" there either.
      It's not so bad with Oleg Orlov, but still - no Russian "amnesty" in
      Chechnya can solve anything, whatever the "guarantees". There's only one
      single positive step which the so-called Russian Federation can make
      with respect to Chechnya - to get the heck out of there. N.S.
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