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Re: Itar-Tass: Two battalions manned by local residents enter duty in Chechnya

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  • mariuslab2002
    MOI Interior Troops Commander-in-Chief Took Part in Ritual to Introduce Two Battalions to Military Service in Chechnya 30.05.2006 The MOI Interior Troops
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      MOI Interior Troops Commander-in-Chief Took Part in Ritual to
      Introduce Two Battalions to Military Service in Chechnya

      The MOI Interior Troops Commander-in-Chief spent Saturday in the
      Chechen capital, Grozny. Colonel General Nikolai Rogozhkin went there
      to hold a special ceremony introducing the MOI Interior Troops
      battalions 248 and 249, set up in April-May 2006, to military service.
      These two new units numbering 500 and 700 have both contract military
      and conscripts residing in the Chechen Republic. So this turned this
      country-wise conventional event into a high-profile one in terms of
      the republic.

      During the Soviet era's early years and just before WWII broke out,
      teams and troops of the VChK, lately named OGPU (an organization that
      took care of state security across the Soviet Union), did tackle the
      task of "combating political banditry", as the 20-30s' term puts it.

      Together with Red Army forces, they defeated large armed gangs that
      were trying to overthrow the Communist regime. Fighting thugs and
      basmach's, wealthy locals fighting against the Soviet regime, required
      some national troops. So, about 40 OGPU units were set up in the 20s,
      all with national names. These units played an important role in
      bringing order and law back to the regions. The MOI Interior Troops'
      Central Museum has flags of the 46th Gorsky Division and 53d Chechen
      Cavalry Division. And today there has appeared a call for the
      experience and traditions of using such units.

      "This is in fact the first call-up of Chechen youth to the Ministry's
      Interior Troops. Commissioned officers and soldiers of these
      battalions will then be an example for younger generations. Our youth
      will gradually join the family of the peoples of Russia. We are one
      country, and we have nothing to split in our great country, except for
      the joy of victories," said Alu Alkhanov, president of the Chechen
      Republic, who took part in the ceremony.

      In his turn, the MOI Interior Troops Commander-in-Chief said that
      setting up these two battalions provides a chance to better deal with
      the tasks imposed upon the Interior Troops, namely maintaining public
      order and security in the republic. "Serving in the Interior Troops
      for the benefit of Russia in the Chechen Republic is an honorary
      cause," he stressed.

      Nikolai Rogozhkin, who, by the way, is not much into calling these two
      units North and South as the battalions were first christened,
      following the pattern set by the battalions of the 42nd motorized
      rifle division of the RF Ministry of Defense known as West and East.
      "These are regular battalions of the Interior Troops, in no way
      different from other dedicated motorized units deployed in many of the
      Russian cities to do their job alongside militia agencies," he said.

      These battalions have officers from the now former Chechen
      Antiterrorist Center that have been able to meet certain criteria.
      Many of the officers have been involved in a number of special events,
      getting RF medals and orders for the courage and valor they had. Now
      they are standing alongside young people that have reached the service
      age. These conscripts number 560. In half a year they will have a
      chance to sign a contract with the commander whereby they would be
      able to continue to serve but in a new way – by the virtue of the

      According to the chief of the 249th dedicated motorized battalion,
      Chechnya is experiencing a real boom when young people are eager to
      work for the MOI Interior Troops. "I keep getting at least 200 – 300
      calls a day. I have not changed the number yet, as I have to answer
      each. We have not been able to accept every one, as those willing to
      do so are too many," Major Rajul Jamalov said.

      The republic's military commissar said the same. "1,236 people picked
      up to serve in the MOI Interior Troops have been examined by the
      military commissariat. The selection was performed in full compliance
      with Federal Laws. Many had to be rejected, mostly due to their age or
      health. There are many people willing to serve; our youth want to
      serve to Russia and protect their republic. To be frank, I am really
      pleased at it both as the republic's military commissar and a
      Chechen", Major General Selim Tsuyev said.

      All those accepted will serve in Chechnya's Grozny and Vedeno
      districts as well as in the main city of Chechnya. The so-called 15th
      military area was chosen as the place of deployment in Grozny. The
      conscripts will live in tents for some time whereas the professional
      recruits will be able to reside at their property or rent an apartment
      in the city as set by the rules. Barracks are also being built. The
      funds required have already been allocated. "For young Chechens this
      is a profitable business, as a contract soldier's salary is 12,000
      Rubles (about $450) or more, depending on the record and the title,"
      Colonel General Nikolai Rogozhkin underscored. He said that the
      Interior Troops' Grozny-based 46th separate task force brigade is
      going to increase by 5,000. The 248th and 249th motorized battalions
      could be the first considerable influx they are looking for.

      According to the MOI Interior Troops Commander-in-Chief, this measure
      will enhance the role these units play when it comes to performing the
      duties imposed upon the Joint Group of Troops (Forces) and aimed at
      stabilizing the situation in the Chechen Republic itself, and, at the
      same time, it will boost the potential of the Interior Troops' 46th
      separate task force brigade when it comes to guarding the border of
      the Russian Federation in compliance with the North Caucasus Force
      wartime agenda.

      Text and Photo by
      Colonel Vasily Panchenkov
      --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, "mariuslab2002" <mariuslab@...> wrote:
      > May 29, 2006 Monday 11:10 AM EST
      > Two battalions manned by local residents enter duty in Chechnya
      > MOSCOW, May 29 (Itar-Tass) - Two battalions fully manned by local
      > residents - either conscripts or those serving under contract - have
      > entered duty in Chechnya. Both battalions are organic to the 46th
      > special brigade of the Russian Interior Ministry Troops, the Interior
      > Troops spokesman Vasily Panchenkov has said.
      > The battalions have a total strength of 1,200. Some of the servicemen
      > have signed contracts (560 men), and the others are conscripts.
      > ``In fact, this is the first instance of young Chechens drafted for
      > service in the Russian Interior Ministry Troops. With time our youth
      > will be a full-fledged member of the family of Russian peoples,''
      > Chechen President Alu Alkhanov said at the special ceremony on the
      > occasion.
      > Interior Troops commander, Colonel-General Nikolai Rogozhkin, has said
      > that the formation of these battalions ``will make it possible to
      > better handle the task of maintaining public order and maintaining
      > security in Chechnya.''
      > The head of Chechnya's military commissariat, Major-General Selim
      > Tsusev, said there were quite a few contenders for filling vacancies
      > in the battalions. Some had to be rejected for age or health reasons.
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