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Re: After the "elections", roundtablemania again (Iwinski praises Mini-Kadyrov)

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  • mariuslab2002
    There s more about Iwinski s statement in the last paragraph of this article. M.L. CHECHNYA HAS CHOSEN A THREE-PARTY SYSTEM Kommersant, November 29, 2005, p. 3
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2005
      There's more about Iwinski's statement in the last paragraph of this
      article. M.L.

      Kommersant, November 29, 2005, p. 3
      Musa Muradov
      Ismail Baikhanov, chairman of the Election Commission of Chechnya,
      announced the interim results of the parliamentary election at 10 a.m.
      on November 28. Three political parties collected sufficient votes to
      be represented in parliament. The United Russia party got 59.26% of
      the vote, the Communist Party (CPRF) got 11.93%, and the Union of
      Right Forces (URF) got 10.57%. Other parties in the race - the LDPR,
      People's Will, Yabloko, Eurasian Union, Motherland - got under 5% each.

      The parliament of Chechnya will be bicameral. The Republic Council or
      upper house will have 21 members (one for each district); the People's
      Assembly or lower house will have 40 members (twenty elected via party
      lists and the other twenty in single-mandate districts).

      "We are quite satisfied," said Zina Magomadova, top candidate on the
      list of the URF. Magomadova denounces the assumption that her party
      performed so well merely because one its candidates is Magomed
      Khambiyev, former defense minister of Ichkeria. "Sure, his name on the
      list had its effect too, but what really counts is that we managed to
      convey our ideas to voters," Magomadova said.

      Magomed Akhmedov, a candidate on the CPRF list and an ex-deputy of the
      Ichkerian parliament, ascribes the CPRF success to the social nature
      of communist ideology.

      The Election Commission updated the figures by noon. The overall
      picture remained unchanged, only figures of the victorious parties had
      increased some. United Russia was said to have polled 61.45%, CPRF
      11.99%, and the URF 10.93%. The Eurasian Union and Yabloko were
      announced to have nearly got past the threshold, with 4.7% and 3.31%
      respectively. Baikhanov announced that the ruling party was winning in
      single-mandate districts as well. Out of 17 deputies elected by then,
      13 were representatives of the United Russia.

      Finishing the press conference, Baikhanov assured journalists that the
      election was free and fair. "We haven't received a single complaint,"
      he said.

      President Alu Alkhanov of Chechnya added: "I'm telling you right here
      and now that the election was valid and fair."

      Western journalists tried to challenge this. One of them questioned
      whether a democratic election could be held in the midst of an
      counter-terrorism operation. "What does the expression of the people's
      will have to do with the counter-terrorism operation?" Alkhanov
      demanded. The president disagreed with the statement that only 3-4% of
      all voters had turned up at polling stations. "Are you saying that
      voter turnout was only 20,000 people? That's nonsense," he said

      Western journalists wouldn't quit. Complaining that their freedom of
      movement and that of Council of Europe officials had been restricted,
      ostensibly in the interests of their own safety, they suggested that
      the election had been organized by Senior Deputy Prime Minister Ramzan
      Kadyrov and that he aims to become the president. Alkhanov replied
      that organization of elections was Kadyrov's duty and added that he,
      Alkhanov, was the leader of the political team in Chechnya and Kadyrov
      his closest associate.

      Representatives of the CIS Executive Committee, and the federal Duma
      and Federation Council present at the press conference sided up with
      the Chechen authorities. "We haven't noticed anything that could
      jeopardize legitimacy of the outcome," said Valery Kirichenko of the
      CIS Executive Committee.

      Tadeusz Iwinski from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
      Europe declined comments. "We will do so in a special memorandum at a
      later date," he said. It stands to reason to expect conclusions in the
      memorandum to be critical. Andreas Gross of the Parliamentary Assembly
      said yesterday that he retained certain doubts in connection with
      election in a region where murders and abductions are practically
      everyday occurrences. "Our colleagues talked to three women on their
      way to polling stations," a Swiss member of the Parliamentary Assembly
      told us. "All three were plainly scared. It is the authorities
      themselves that intimidate the population. Even is the election is
      technically all right, its evaluation promises to be difficult."

      Translated by A. Ignatkin

      --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, "mariuslab2002" <mariuslab@s...>
      > It's actually hard to know what Iwinski really said, but I know that
      > Interfax many times ommitts, adds up or takes out of context people's
      > statements or stories.
      > If anyone likes to bother, he can ask Iwinski on this issue by e-mail.
      > Although, the former communists have been decimated in the last Polish
      > polls, he was one of the few lucky ones who has been elected to the
      > parliament (Sejm) again. M.L.
      > Email:tadeusz.iwinski@s...
      > ******************************
      > http://wiadomosci.gazeta.pl/wiadomosci/1,53600,3036105.html
      > Tomasz Bielecki, Moscow, wj 27-11-2005, last update 27-11-2005 23:08
      > Election farce in Chechnya
      > Sunday polls to the parliament in Chechnya has to show that the
      > conflict in Chechnya has died down and life in the Caucasian republic
      > "returns to normality" and Tadeusz Iwinski from SLD ((former communist
      > party in Poland) says that this is "an important step in
      > democratization" of the republic.
      > UN, EU and Russian human rights organization have declined to send
      > their election observers to Chechnya. - These polls that's a farce. We
      > wouldn't be allowed for any of our independent controls there -
      > explained activists of the Memorial. Close to 70% Russians doubt in
      > honesty of these election. So, some representatives of the Arab
      > League, CIS and the Shanghai Group - which among others bands also
      > Russia, China and Uzbekistan, have been made to watch over electoral
      > honesty.
      > In this company came also Council of Europe's delegation with Tadeusz
      > Iwinski from SLD. Where these polls honest? - Formally we are not
      > observers here. It's hard to evaluate this on the base of seeing of a
      > few polling stations - Iwinski was answering with reservation to the
      > Russian journalists. Although, the state propaganda readily used his
      > assertions that the Chechen elections that's "an important step toward
      > further democratization" of Chechnya.
      > [passage omitted]
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      > --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, Norbert Strade <nost@p...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Chechnya best venue for roundtable on Chechnya - PACE official
      > >
      > > TSENTOROI. Nov 27 (Interfax) - A second PACE-Russia roundtable on
      > > Chechnya must be held nowhere else but in Chechnya, said the
      > > Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's representative
      > Tadeusz
      > > Iwinski.
      > > Hopefully, a second roundtable will be held next spring, Iwinski told
      > > Chechen President Alu Alkhanov and the family of slain Chechen
      > President
      > > Akhmad Kadyrov on Sunday.
      > > It should take place in Chechnya. Chechen problems must not be
      > discussed
      > > or tackled outside Chechnya, Iwinski said.
      > > Iwinski also said that he and other PACE officials accompanying him
      > > "highly appraise Kadyrov's role in promoting democracy in Chechnya."
      > >
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