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Kommersant: AIR DEFENSE FORCE [PVO] of Ichkeria has been tranferred to [penal] c

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  • mariuslab2002
    AIR DEFENSE FORCE [PVO] of Ichkeria has been tranferred to [penal] colony (my quick tr) //The Trial// No 140P (No 3224) 01.08.2005 It became known yesterdat
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      AIR DEFENSE FORCE [PVO] of Ichkeria has been tranferred to [penal]
      colony (my quick tr)

      //The Trial//

      No 140P (No 3224) 01.08.2005

      It became known yesterdat that the Supreme Court of Chechnya sentenced
      in the well known case of the so-called Ichkerian anti-aircraft
      gunners [zenitchiki] - four fighters, who brought down during two
      years three federal helicopters, as a result of which perished about
      150 soldiers. The defendants asked to lower their punishment,
      referring to the fact that they were simply soldiers, who carried out
      the orders of the Ichkerian military command. However, the court
      sentenced three terrorists to life in prison. Moreover for one of
      them, Doku Dzhantemirov, this was already his second life sentence.

      [passage omitted]

      The operatives tracked down the Ichkerian "gunners" in 2003, when in
      the field of sight of the law-enforcement agencies fell Shamsutdin
      Salavatov - emir of the so-called Staropromyslovsky jamaat. In his
      house was found PZRK Igla, which is the portable anti-aicraft weapon.
      Also the examination established that from a Kalashnikov automatic
      rifle, which was withdrawn from Shamsutdin Salavatov together with the
      Igla, in November 2002 in Grozny, was killed the chief for the
      military-operational administration for the Special-construction of
      Federal Service of Russia, Lieutenant General Igor Shifrin. Shamsutdin
      Salavatov gave statements that together with him, in the murder of the
      General, and also in terrororist acts the air participated Sultan
      Natsayev, Doku Dzhantemirov and Viskhan Khabibulayev. The all three
      were also arrested. It was found out that the four acted on Shamil
      Basayev's personal order, who in 2001 allotted some money for the
      purchase of PZRKs and assigned to emir Salavatov's group Doku
      Dzhantemirov, who went through, according to the investigation, a
      special training in one of the camps of terrorists. Withing three
      years, since 2000 to 2003-, the fighters destroyed three helicopters,
      they carried out more than ten bombings and fired of the convoys of
      federal forces, as a result of which about 150 soldiers perished.

      One of the gunners, - Doku Dzhantemirov, the Rostov provincial court
      has already sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2004 for his
      participation in the shooting down of that Mi-26 above the Khankala
      military base, 127 people perished in the helicopter on the 19th of
      August. Relatives of the killed serviicemen demanded for the defendant
      death sentence and appealed against the life sentence, as in their
      opinion, the sentence in Supreme Court of the Russian Federation was
      too lenient. On 22 September 2004, the SC left the sentence in force.

      And here now the Supreme Court of Chechnya carried out one more
      sentence for the fighters: Shamsutdin Salavatov, Sultan Matsiyev and
      Doku Dzhantemirov got life sentences, and their accomplice Viskhan
      Khabibulayev - 13 years of in the strict regime. The fighters who have
      been convicted to life have been already transferred to Solikamskaya
      [penal] colony of special regime VK 240/2 ("The White Swan" -[Beliy
      Lebed]), where the well-known Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev ended
      his life.

      However, Doku Dzhantemirov and his accomplices still hope for the
      lesser punishment. "They tried to justify themselves by the fact, that
      allegedly as the soldiers, they carried out the order of Ichkerian
      command, described judge Zaurbekov to K. - And their attorneys prepare
      to appeal this sentence in the Supreme Court of the Russian
      Federation ".

      However, as the judge considers, paractically there are no chances to
      change this sentence. "The evidence of their guilt was collected more
      than sufficiently - they indeed, recorded on video all their crimes".
      In particular, at the trial, a video recording was shown how Sultan
      Matsiyev from a PZRK, on 17 September of 2001 in Grozny, brought down
      that Mi-8 with the commission of general staff of the Ministry of
      Defense. 13 people perished then, including the chief of the 2-nd
      department of the main operational administration of the HQ's Major
      General Anatoliy Pozdniakov, deputy chief of the main administration
      of personnel of the Ministry of Defense Major General Pavel
      Varfolomeyev and eight Colonels.

      Musa Muradov
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