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Re: MT: Policeman Convicted in Bombings of Two Passenger Airplanes

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  • mariuslab2002
    6:21 PM PDT, June 30, 2005 Russian Officer Sentenced for Negligence By Associated Press MOSCOW -- A police captain accused of allowing two Chechen bombers to
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      6:21 PM PDT, June 30, 2005
      Russian Officer Sentenced for Negligence
      By Associated Press
      MOSCOW -- A police captain accused of allowing two Chechen bombers to
      pass through airport security and bomb two passenger jets was
      sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison for negligence.

      Authorities said two Chechen women smuggled explosives onto the
      planes, which crashed within minutes of each other on Aug. 24, 2004,
      killing 90 people.

      The Moscow court on Thursday found that Mikhail Artamonov was guilty
      of "negligence" that "led to the deaths of 90 people." Artamonov
      worked at Moscow's Domededovo airport, where the two flights took off.

      The court found that the police captain had failed in his duties for
      not detaining the Chechen women when they passed through a security
      check upon their arrival at the airport from the Russian Caucasus, the
      RIA-Novosti news agency reported. The women were believed to have
      bought scalped tickets at the last minute.

      In April, an airline employee and a ticket scalper were sentenced to
      18 months in jail in the bombings. The airline employee was accused of
      accepting a $35 bribe for helping one of the women get on the flight
      after registration had ended.
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      > Friday, July 1, 2005. Issue 3199. Page 2.
      > Policeman Convicted in Bombings
      > The Moscow Times
      > A Moscow region court on Thursday found airport police Captain Mikhail
      > Artamonov guilty of negligence in the deaths of 90 people in the
      > suicide bombings of two planes last August and sentenced him to seven
      > years in prison, Interfax reported.
      > Artamonov, 30, was accused of releasing two women suspected of
      > carrying bombs onto two passenger planes in Domodedovo Airport without
      > inspecting their belongings on Aug. 24.
      > A Volga Avia-Express Tu-134 and Sibir Tu-154 exploded in midair that
      > night, killing everyone aboard both aircraft. Chechen warlord Shamil
      > Basayev has claimed responsibility for the twin blasts.
      > Prosecutors had asked for six years for Artamonov, but the Domodedovo
      > City Court judge handed down the maximum sentence allowed by law,
      > Interfax reported. "The court has no doubt that Artamonov is guilty of
      > negligence," Judge Natalya Mishina said. "The terrorists needed a more
      > thorough check than Artamonov gave."
      > Artamonov maintained his innocence throughout the trial, saying he was
      > being made a scapegoat so that those who were really guilty could
      > avoid prosecution.
      > In a closing statement to the court late last week, Artamonov said
      > that the Law on Police held senior airline officials, not the police,
      > accountable for not properly inspecting passengers' belongings, Gazeta
      > reported.
      > On April 15, the Domodedovo court sentenced a former Sibir employee
      > and a ticket scalper to 18 months each in a penal colony for their
      > role in the bombings. Armen Arutyunyan and Nikolai Korenkov were
      > convicted on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism and bribery.
      > Artamonov's lawyer Sergei Kazimirov said his client would appeal,
      > Interfax reported.
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