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MK, Novaya Gazeta, Khasbulatov remark, some photos ; Bunker without air

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  • mariuslab2002
    Well, these articles have been already dated, and it s still hard to speculate, but even before it was pretty obvious to me that Maskhadov was betrayed. His
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 16, 2005
      Well, these articles have been already dated, and it's still hard to
      speculate, but even before it was pretty obvious to me that Maskhadov
      was betrayed. His son, Anzor, begun to realise that now too. Zakayev
      and Udugov and many Chechens might not believe in it yet, - I suppose
      because that's a shame that a traitor has been working among the
      Chechen resistance.

      In my view Maskhadov was killed in Tolstoy-Yurt, and it appears that
      his death was caused by a single shot to the head (only an independent
      autopsy can actually confirm this). In this link below, it can be seen
      on #7 photo [http://www.newsru.com/russia/08mar2005/finita.html#15%5d,
      on #3 frame a computer printer can be seen.
      If anyone got actually this $10 mln reward we might never know.

      Btw, below is Ruslan Khasbulatov's very short comment to the Polish
      paper Rzeczpospolita

      I think, Aslan Maskhadov was betrayed by someone, whom he trusted, by
      someone from his entourage. There have to be people in Chechnya who
      are ready to sell and buy anyone for this kind of sum. I don't know
      how to relate to the fact of paying out this reward for his head. But
      Alkhanov's statement, that now it will be possible to capture Basayev
      sooner, I consider as a total rubbish. How Maskhadov was killed it
      doesn't matter. There was the man, he's gone, and in Chechnya nothing
      will change. People perish in war, and war goes on.

      Guerilla skirmishes go there all the time, and will go on till
      conditions won't improve. I have on my mind some economic, political
      things, the future for the republic. In my eyes Maskhadov wasn't a
      strong personality and good president, so I would't pay much attention
      to his successor's statement. I feel sorry, that they don't hand over
      his body to his family. I think's they should do that as soon as possible.

      FYI; Some pics that should help a little bit to see how this house in
      Tolstoy-Yurt looked like

      entry to the alleged bunker (I assume by the guest house)

      the guest (adobe-clay) house

      main entrance to the court-yard, the purple fence visible

      http://www.mk.ru/numbers/1541/article49870.htm (my tr)

      Bunker without air

      Why for staging of this assault on Maskhadov they've chosen Tolstoy-
      Yurt? In the vicinity of this village are active many holes, from
      which they steal oil and send it on railroad to Chervlenaya station,
      some twenty kilometers to the north. In Tolstoy- Yurt and around it,
      there are no fighters, there are only looters of oil, and judging from
      the fact, that this business flourishes there, they are completely
      loyal to the present authority, splitting with them a portion of their
      profits . Thus, Tolstoy-Yurt is under good control, and during this
      staging, an attack of the fighters on any large deployment of
      federals there, is practically excluded .

      Musa Yusupov, the owner of the house, where allegedly Maskhadov was
      hiding, could be an agent of the FSB or Ramzan Kadyrov's. Possibly, a
      paid one. His assignement - to confirm that Makhadov hid in his house.
      When all documents will be designed, they will classify the case and
      they will silently let Musa go, at the worst case scenario, they will
      announce for the public, that Maskhadov penetrated into the house
      secretly, the day before at night, but the owner didn't know about
      this. If the operatives were actually interested in the circumstances
      of Maskhadov staying, then they would arrest all those, who during
      that day were in the house, but this didn't happen: the women were let
      go almost immediately, having been formally questioned in
      Goryachevodsk. The inhabitants of house must have seen Maskhadov, if
      he lived there long enough. At least, because there's no toilet in the
      bunker. And in order for the need, it's necessary to come out outside.

      The house, in which allegedly Maskhdov was hiding was absolutely not
      fitted for a safe house. As is evident in the diagram, from this
      house, in the case of zachistka, there's nowhere to escape. This
      contradicts the prevailing tactics of the fighters. Usually a house,
      in which an important person hides, is equipped with reliable
      withdrawal routes. In Gudermes, where Maskhadov was hiding some two
      years ago, its basement was equipped even with an underground tunnel
      into the adjacent block. This told me Aleksandr Potapov, deputy chief
      of the UFSB of Chechnya. If the spetsnaz would found out about
      Maskhadov's location and then encircled this whole block in Gudermes,
      then in this case, Maskhadov had still chances to escape.

      In the Yusupovs' house there's not one, but two basements. One,
      actually made from concrete, opposite the kitchen, is where the lady
      of the house stores her preserves, jam, brooms, rakes and other
      domestic utensils. From inside this room is spacious, of man's hight,
      approximately three by three [meters]. It was precisely this basement
      they showed to us on TV as the last refuge of Maskhadov. Its roof
      serves the concrete floor of the Yusupovs' court-yard . But no one
      blasted this concrete - the servicemen simply made two holes using
      crow-bars. Maskhadov's corpse laid on the same concrete runway. In
      this basement there's normal ventilation, there's possible to live
      there for a long time. This basement has no links with other basement

      The second basement in the Yusupovs' house is that bunker, where
      allegedly hid Maskhadov. It's located under the summer house, which is
      attached to main house. The entry into it is very narrow. And to climb
      down to it now , to take a photograph inside in, it's not possible:
      the basement was filled up with soil after the explosion. The walls of
      bunker are made from adobe-clay, it's impossible to perfectly fit to
      adobe-clay any concrete slab or iron hatchway , because adobe-clay -
      that's a half and half straw with clay - this material is unsuitable
      for the hinges. Also there's no ventilation in the bunker. This is
      actually unfinished family air-raid shelter. The owner, according to
      his relatives, built it in the first war, in the case of bombardment,
      but they didn't bomb Tolstoy- Yurt , so the basement did not prove
      useful. According to the FSB's information, reported in the press,
      in the bunker there was a refrigerator and television set. A TV set
      could had been there, "a portable one", but no refrigerator, nor any
      bed, as it's not possible to get it down through its narrow manhole.
      Furthermore, MK's correspondent, who looked all over the house
      together with the lady of the house, didn't find any traces of
      ventilation of the bunker.

      When in the vicinity of the village they were some bombings, we stayed
      in there in the first war - says the lady of the house, Yakha
      Yusupova. - but they didn't bomb us, we stayed there a few times, but
      you can not stay there for a long time - very soon you begin to
      asphyxiate. Three of us together could hardly accomodate in there -
      Myself, my husband and little daughter Zarema.
      About nine morning on 8 March in Tolstoy-Yurt came the servicemen.
      Armored carriers, vehicles.
      All approaches to the Yusupov's house were blocked. For their
      neighbors it was forbidden to go on the street. They let them out
      from their house only at three P.M..
      This is what took place, according to the lady of the house, in the
      house itself. - I was making breakfast. My husband Musa and our nephew
      Ilyas Eliskhanov, who came to us the day before from Argun, were
      drinking tea, and our daughter just awoke. Here suddenly this huge
      crowd of Russians came running. It wasn't possble to count them. They
      were everywhere: on the roof, in the house, in the court-yard, in the
      vegetable-garden, in the shed. Musa and Ilyas were dragged out
      somewhere, and my daughter and I were taken to the back-yard, the
      surrounded us and said - sit quietly. Our cow just calved, and the
      Russians for some purpose were covering the calf with hay. My daughter
      begun to cry - it will get smothered. But the Russians said to her:
      "You pity the calf. Maskhadov hides here with you, and you cry because
      of the calf. You cry for yourself!" Here we got really scared. There
      were three or four explosions. We heard how they spoke on their
      portable radios, they talked quitely among themselves, there weren't
      any shouts: "Get out, surrender!". When after some time they took us
      from the back-yard, there was no husband and Ilyas, I do not know,
      until now [what has happened ] with them. They questioned us in
      Goryachevodsk, we honestly said that we knew nothing, and they let us
      go. We returned home in a day, but we spent the night in our
      grandmother's [house]. On the concrete floor, where as they showed on
      the TV, Maskhadov was laying, there was not one speck of any blood.

      Three or four explosions in the courtyard of the Yusupovs' house, the
      servicemen made for two reasons. In order to create some illusion of
      battle for the inhabitants Tolstoy- Yurt, and most importantly, in
      order to destroy the basement, to which they prepared this role of
      Maskhadov's bunker. So that no one - either a journalists or any
      private individuals - could thoroughly investigate and prove that in
      this room wasn't possible to stay more than several minutes, never
      mind to live there since October of last year, as the special services
      assert. That it's not possible to bring a couch, or refrigerator, or
      TV set to it. And the main thing is this that the manhole into this
      basement cannot be perfectly strengthened or shut with concrete slab
      or iron hatchway, as indeed in this bunker, according the version of
      special services, there was this specially strenghtened entry, which
      was needed to be blown up. But if there was no such entry, but
      Maskhadov nevertheless was located in the bunker and they threw a
      grenade there, his corpse would look completely different.

      By Vadim Rechkalov, Irina Kuksenkova. Tolstoy-Yurt-Moscow
      http://2005.novayagazeta.ru/nomer/2005/17n/n17n-s01.shtml (my tr)

      Our sources confirmed that the last location of the Ichkerian leader
      Aslan Maskhadov in the settlement of Tolstoy-Yurt was divulged by the
      fighters seized the day before. In this case to the latter not only
      tortures were used, but also threats of violence to their relatives.

      Single-story house on #1 Suvorov street, in Tolstoy-Yurt was
      surrounded by the special units of FSB and GRU in the morning on March
      the 8th. Frightened owner of the house reported that Maskhadov and
      three more people are in its basement. The fighters found themselves
      to be actually in a mousetrap. Not only, not able to escape, but it
      wasn't even possible to show any worthy resistance, since it would be
      easy to throw grenades in the basement. Maskhadov was offered to
      surrender. He refused this. Negotiations on his own initiative
      undertook the former chief of administration for personnel of the
      President of Ichkeria, Vakhid Murdashev. After this between Maskhadov
      and his entourage engaged in a skirmish, as a result of which the
      Ichkerian leader was killed. After Maskhadov's murder, his three
      associates - Murdashev, his nephew and one more guard, Eliskhanov,
      without any fight surrendered to the federals.

      Vyacheslav Izmailov, military correspondent of Novaya
    • Joan Eichrodt
      A couple of remsrksABOUT Khasbulatov and Tolstoy-Yurt, his home town. I find it very hard to believe that Maskhadov would have chosen to hide out in
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 17, 2005
        A couple of remsrksABOUT Khasbulatov and Tolstoy-Yurt,
        his home town.

        I find it very hard to believe that Maskhadov would
        have chosen to hide out in Tolstoy-Yurt, which in the
        pre=war Dudayev years was resolutely oppositionist.
        Indeed, at one point Maskhadoc had dispatched a
        detachment of troops to Tolstoy-Yurt, but this
        half-hearted attempt to subdue it was repelled by the

        I often visited Tolstoy-Yurt, which served as the
        headquarters for Khasbulatov�s �peace mission.� He
        closed the mission down, and left town, after the
        November 1994 assault on Grozny, in protest (or so he
        said) against the utilization of Russian tanks and
        troops in what he felt should have been a purely
        Chechen (oppositionist) operation. In any event, a
        lot of Tolstoy=Yurtans did take part in it.

        It is possible that the village had undergone a
        complete chsnge of heart in the intervening war years,
        yet it seems odd that Maskhadov took the risk that it
        really had. That is, if the official version of
        his death is true, it seems odd�..

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