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Profil: Zachistka with kidnapping

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    http://www.profile.ru/items/?item=10884 (my quick tr) No 7 (422) 28.02.2005 Zachistka with kidnapping ... of Beslan Arapkhanov, the combine operator from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      http://www.profile.ru/items/?item=10884 (my quick tr)

      No 7 (422) 28.02.2005

      Zachistka with kidnapping

      ... of Beslan Arapkhanov, the combine operator from the village of
      Galashki of the Sunzhen district of Ingushetia, shot down by mistake.
      In the front of his wife wife and seven children. At four o'clock in
      the morning armed people wearing masks broke in into their house,
      without asking for his surname, they pulled him out from his bed, put
      the handcuffs on his hands, threw on the floor, began to beat him up
      asking: where are the fighters and weapons. The neighbor-imam came to
      the house, hearing the cries of the wife, he asked them to listen to
      him, he guaranteed for Beslan, a respectable family man, who besides
      his own kids, was a guardian of other children of his younger
      brother-policeman, killed by the fighters at the check-point in the
      Cossack village of Nesterovskaya in 1999. They threatened the wife, a
      teacher, with submachine guns: "Be quiet bitch!" They spoke in pure,
      unaccented Russian. They dragged out Beslan in the handcuffs into the
      house's courtyard and blew up his head with Stechkin pistol
      [http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg22-e.htm%5d. When he wife yelled: "For
      what?" - they told her the surname of Khuchbarov. "Who is this
      Khuchbarov?!" - "He is not Khuchbarov? Ough, sorry, we were mistaken".
      It turned up that certain special services carried out an operation on
      the detention of the well-known bandit Ruslan Khuchbarov, but they
      made a blunder with the address. And with life.

      The criminal case regarding of "mistaken retribution [vozmezdiya]" was
      sent to the military prosecutor's office, since in the course of
      preliminary investigation, it was indicated that special-measure
      allegedly carried out the agents of the UFSB in the republic of
      Ingushetia. It was even allegedly established a name of one of them,
      an inhabitant of Irkutsk, but the answer came from there: "He's not
      registered on our lists". Actually, the names of agents of special
      services are secret [zalegendirovany]. However, in this case
      mysteriousness and absence of answers for these suspicions doesn't
      strengthen this shaken peace in the republic.

      The chief of UFSB in Ingushetia, Sergey Koryakov, recently ended his
      two-year period at his post in the republic. However, Major General
      didn't want to go home to Irkutsk and he went to Moscow to argue about
      extending of his tenure. Although, for Koryakov there were let's say,
      inconvenient questions both on the republic's and at the federal level
      apropos of not completely adequate actions during the tragic events on
      22 June of last year - the night raid of fighters on Nazran.

      A story goes around the republic about the abduction of the senior
      assistant the attorney of the republic, Rashid Ozdoyev. Rashid's
      father, the retired federal judge, Boris Ozdoyev, has available an
      audio-recording of statements of a man, who was Koryakov's subordinate
      and, judging by this record, he acknowledged his participation in
      organizing of this abduction. Ozdoyev says about this recording. "We
      described a collision with Zhiguli 99 model of the 97-th region...
      People from this car were thrown into Gazel [van] - the talk about
      this record dealt with Rashid's car, which Sultygov sufficiently and
      accurately described. Three acting agents of the UFSB described to
      Boris Ozdoyev that allegedly they saw the car of his son in Magas, in
      the garage of UFSB. In the view of Boris Ozdoyev, they abducted Rashid
      in connection with his activity: his work consisted of the
      supervision on FSB organs, he was allowed to see some secret materials
      of the second category; therefore, he "knew a lot about atrocities
      [bespredel]". Meanwhile, according to the other information, kidnapped
      together with Ozdoyev, Timur Tsechoyev, appeared to be a financier of
      fighters, and Rashid simply proved to be an unnecessary witness.
      Tsechoyev, according to some information from the law-enforcement
      agencies, on that day carried on himself $500,000, which (if they
      really existed) have disappeared, the same as the whole "Tsechoyev's
      gang", i.e. - without leaving a trace.

      Boris Ozdoyev already for almost a year writes to the Attorney
      General's Office, to Lubyanka, and he asks only about one thing: "If
      my son was involved in something, I don't have any claims, only let me
      know about this". One answer came, alas from Koryakov, with whom Boris
      Ozdoyev had met many times: "We don't have any information available
      about the kidnapping of Rashid Borisovich Ozdoyev".

      In the recent five months, several claim cases of the inhabitants of
      Ingushetia, regarding abductions, beatings, unsanctioned searches have
      been filed. In all those complaints figure the armed people, wearing
      masks, driving vehicles without licence plates, with tinted windows
      and special passes. It's forbidden to inspect vehicles with the
      special-passes by the local police. But since, for example, the FSB is
      not subordinated neither to the local MVD nor procuratorship, it's
      impossible even to verify those conducted on the territory of
      Ingushetia "special-measures", and if those "passage-cross-country
      vehicles" are genuine or false. The president of Ingushetia Murat
      Zyazikov sometime ago requested to inspect all vehicles with the
      special passes. He forbade for any vehicles without licence plates to
      enter the republic. But several weeks ago an armed group, without any
      identification marks completed its raid on the Cossack village of
      Voznesenovka, as a result of which not one bandit was found. The local
      policemen, together with the mobile force of MVD RF blocked these
      "federals" on their departure from the city of Karabulak, took all
      their documents, identified them, then gave an escort and sent the
      "raiders" home.

      Acording to the Deputy of the Gosduma Mukharbek Aushev, " President
      Zyazikov doesn't allow for the federals to commit atrocities
      [bespredel'nichat'] in Ingushetia". The former Deputy Minister of
      internal affairs RF, now the chairman of the committee of state Duma
      on security, Vladimir Vasil'yev, noted in one of his interviews:
      "It's no secret that in the relations between the President Ingushetia
      and some federals there's some kind of chill. Because Zyazikov is
      disposed to be the owner of his land". True, Vasilyev did not mention
      Koryakov's name."

      "Nevertheless, the vehicles with these special passes are being
      driven, says former federal judge Boris Ozdoyev. - According to the
      law, the head of region has no right to interfere in the matters of
      the services subordinated to the federal authority. He's in a peculiar
      situation. From one side, they entrusted him with his region, while
      from another - they tell him: security - is not in your sphere. And
      he doesn't agree with this".

      Some special passes were showed at the trafffic control [GAI]
      checkpoint by a brigade, wearing masks and camouflage, which abducted
      on the eve of the new year Adam Bersanov from the city of Malgobek.
      Mother an her son were sleeping, when the armed group broke in into
      their house, after breaking the door. They gripped the son, put a
      submachine gun to mother's face, with these words: "In the corner
      bitch! Now we will shoot you!". Mother was pleading: "At least let him
      dress up, he's got a flu!" They answered to her: "He doesn't need any
      clothes there". According to the mother, her son almost always was
      with the family, he worked together with it at the technical station.
      His only "sin" - he was God-fearing, some time ago he studied in the
      Islamic institute. Maybe, for this they included him on [list] of the
      Wahhabis. If he's guilty - she says, let punish him, but tell me - for
      what. The mother went four times to Kondratyev, the deputy director of
      UFSB, who answered to her: "We didn't have him, we didn't conduct
      this operation. Who did? I don't know".

      At the coordinating meetings of siloviki structures, it was repeatedly
      mentioned to Koryakov, that on the territory of Ingushetia, no
      counter-terrorist operation is being conducted, which means, here acts
      the [criminal code of] UPK RF. But in the law-field there's
      difficulty, when the matter deals with the extraordinary actions. How
      difficult is actually to distinguish, who in reality was the killed
      fighter, and who simply fell under "the hot hand", turned to be
      "accomplices' casualties". However, these are now no longer Sergey
      Koryakov's problems. He couldn't extend his trnure, and apparently, he
      leaves to his native land, to Irkutsk.

      "To cover the lawlessness by the idea of combating of terrorism -
      means to generate terrorism itself"

      Murat Zyazikov, the President of the republic of Ingushetia:

      "Profile": In the pressm there some information being dissiminated
      about disappearance of people in Ingushetia as a result of the
      so-called special-measures. Unidentified people who drive cars without
      any licence plated, wearing masks and camouflage take away people and
      those people disappear. Some human rights activists assert that they
      are taken away to Chechnya. It is known that you in the past year
      asked not to allow any unidentified vehicles enter Ingushetiia. Will
      this help?

      Murat Zyazikov: I categorically required: Entering of the republic by
      any vehicle must be written down. License plates and documents must be
      in the order. If it is necessary to establish the location of a
      criminal or to detain him - everything must be within the framework of
      law. During the meeting with the law-enforcement structures I said :
      that no one abolishes either the constitution or prosecutor
      supervision. And I don't want to hear about some "special operations",
      because under this legend any criminals can create everything,
      anything. Recently our law-enforcement agencies detained some
      criminals, who in a car without any identification marks wanted to
      abduct a concrete person. Investigation is being conducted. I will
      not allow any lawlessness on the territory of republic. And to cover
      the lawlessness by the idea of combating of terrorism - means to
      generate terrorism itself.

      "P.": They reproach you for the fact that you didn't participate in
      the release of the Beslan hostages. Dmitriy Rogozin asserted that in
      this tragic time you were in Spain. It's been said , your telephone
      did not work.

      M.Z.: I was in Spain the first and the last time when I was a student
      in 1978. About the telephone - it's a lie. I was in the republic:
      early in the morning, even prior to the beginning of tragedy, dropped
      in into Nalchik to congratulate my collegue, the President of
      Kabardino-Balkaria, on the day of the republic and adter that I
      immediately returned to Magas. I proposed to the HQ's my services
      from the first minutes, when the fighters advanced no requirements yet
      and no surnames were called. The decision was taken by the staff, that
      no individual person, even if he is - the President of the republic.
      They said to me: "Until it's not needed, we will be in touch, when we
      consider it necessary". That's all. Furthermore, the day before there
      was an information, that a seizure of one of the Ingush schools was
      planned. And I had to be on the spot. I will mention one more thing:
      on the night of 22 June in Ingushetia there was also this monstrous
      act of terror. About 100 people perished. But I reproach no one on
      the fact that someone did not arrive, did not help us to oppose the
      fighters. We then resisted five hundred bandits almost alone.

      "P.": You awarded ten medals to operative agents, including for the
      release of hostages. Whom and when you were freeing?

      M.Z.: During the Ossetin-Ingush conflict of 1992. I was occupied not
      only with freeing the hostages, also the representatives of different
      structures worked on this. In essence, we acted by the method of
      negotiations. No matter who someone is - there always must be a talk
      with the man, especially in the Caucasus. During those sad events in
      Grozny in 1996, I personally took out from Chechnya 29 children, later
      - 64 more. They are alive. Some of these children were sent then for
      treatment to Moscow, some - to Tatarstan.


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      By Irina Kostyuchenko and Natalia Shiryayeva
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