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Yezhednevnyi Zhurnal: They're crossing out Ramzan Kadyrov

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  • mariuslab2002
    http://www.ej.ru/comments/entry/89/ (my quick tr) Feb 02, 2005 They re crossing out Ramzan Kadyrov by Aleksandr Ryklin At that very moment, when at the end of
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      http://www.ej.ru/comments/entry/89/ (my quick tr)
      Feb 02, 2005

      They're crossing out Ramzan Kadyrov

      by Aleksandr Ryklin

      At that very moment, when at the end of the last year president
      Vladimir Putin in the solemn ceremony was giving to Ramzan Kadyrov the
      highest Russia's award, the subordinates of the vice-premier of
      Chechnya were dragging out from their houses and taking away in the
      unknown direction the relatives of another president, Aslan Maskhadov.
      However, this direction can be called "uknown" only conditionally -
      there's no doubts whatsoever that if someone from the abducted members
      of the family of the ex-head of Chechnya is still alive, then he
      almost for sure is being kept in the ancestral village of the Kadyrovs
      clan, - Tsentoroi. About this prison which was build there still at
      the very beginning of Kadyrov-elder reign, the most ominous rumors can
      be heard. (Interestingly, Vladimir Putin was brought there on a trip,
      when he unexpectedly came to Tsentoroy on the birthday of the killed
      Akhmad Kadyrov.)

      [pasage omitted - details of Maskhadov's relatives abduction and
      Russia's prosecutor and army's announcent to look into this case)

      That the all people are fed up with Ramzan Kadyrov it's been known a
      long time ago. He's hated by an overwhelming majority of the residents
      of Chechnya, for whom, he's a tyrant under nobody's control. He's
      hated by the Russian servicemen, with whom Ramzan had a lot of
      conflicts. Starting from the fight for control over these or other
      territories, and concluding with taking care of export of stolen oil.
      He's hated by the members of Chechen government for this sole right to
      keep his hand on the transfers [of money] from Moscow. Most likely
      hates him the president of Chechnya, Allu Alkhanov, who knows very
      well: untill Kadyrov is in power, its own presidency bears completely
      a temporary character.

      The authority of Ramzan Kadyrov sits exclusively on the bayonets of
      several hundred desperate cutthroats and it cannot be stable like
      that. Right now, for his dismissal it's the most suitable time - on
      the eve of signing of agreement about delimination of powers between
      Moscow and Grozny.

      A growing campaign of this scale would serve as a signal for the
      entire world community - we're ending with this [bespredel]
      lawlessness in Chechnya. But in this entire story there's one
      important circumstance, which hangs somewhere above of all arguments
      in favor of the fast departure of this rather dark [gloomy] guy.
      Namely - his friendship with president Vladimir Putin. If in the near
      future becomes obvious that the campaign to get rid off Kadyrov from
      Chechen politics speeds up, this will indicate only one thing - Putin
      has betrayed him. And this in principle can happen - Ramzan Kadyrov is
      not from Peter [St Petersburg] and he never served in the KGB.
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