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Kommersant: Shamil Basayev speaks louder

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  • mariuslab2002
    http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.html?docId=521144 (my quick tr of some excerpts) No 204 (No 3043) 01.11.2004 Shamil Basayev speaks louder By Alek Akhundov
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2004
      http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.html?docId=521144 (my quick tr of some
      No 204 (No 3043) 01.11.2004

      Shamil Basayev speaks louder

      By Alek Akhundov

      [passage omitted]

      "I have around the Caucasus 12 hiding-places in the mountains, where
      there's everything necessary for two weeks for 20 people, asserts the
      leader of fighters. - And certainly, everywhere there are secret
      addresses, but don't stay in them more than a week". Exactly in the
      beginning of October of this year, on the eve of inauguration of new
      president of Chechnya Alu Alkhanov, Shamil Basayev, according to him,
      more than a week lived in the Zavodsky district of Grozny, where he
      was personally preparing a current act of terror. In this case,
      according to Basayev, not only he felt himself at peace under the
      nose federals, but also Aslan Maskadov too, who allegedly lived in
      the winter 2003-2004 in Gudermes, in a house of Akhmad Kadyrov's

      There's nothing to talk about. In Grozny, he (Basayev) in general
      hasn't appeared for a long time, commented on this statement to K-
      Vlast deputy commander of OMON of MVD of Chechnya Buvadi Dakhiyev. -
      His fantasies cross the borders of sane person. There's nothing to
      say for Basayev and he simply begins to invent cock-and-bull stories
      [nebylitsy]". Approximately the same said to K-V the chairman of the
      Gossoviet of Chechnya Taus Dzhabrailov. "About this, that Maskhadov
      lived at Akhmad Kadyrov's cousin in Gudermes, that's a total
      nonsense, stated Mr. Dzhabrailov. - All relatives of Kadyrov live in
      the village of Tsentoroi, in Gudermes he hadn't have any relatives,
      ever more so the first cousins".

      In principle, it appears from the aforementioned interview with
      Shamil Basayev for that Canadian newspaper, that the leaders of
      Chechen terrorists completely don't have any difficulties with their
      movement around Chechnya and its adjacent republics. Furthermore,
      Basayev asserts that he always can count on help of any "true
      Muslim", even that one, who collaborates with the Russian
      authorities. Thus, for instance, in in Kabardino-Balkaria last year,
      the leader of terrorists was allegedly wounded in both legs, he lost
      a lot of blood, and then, one local colonel of the police sheltered
      him for a week, "who even hadn't been doing namaz". True, as to
      operational information, according to Basayev, the colonel refused to
      support him, after stating that he will not begin to work against his
      own [people], but for Basayev - "his doors are always open".

      "Today everything is possible here, said on this Taus Dzhabrailov. -
      I can not completely either confirm or refute that, what has been
      discussed in this so called interviw". However, on the fact that any
      Muslim would give Basayev blood and help, Mr. Dzhabrailov doesn't
      categorically disagree. "I cannot speak on behalf of the inhabitants
      of other North-Caucasian republics, but I can say accurately about
      the Chechens: nobody will help Basayev, because he's a bandit,
      criminal, killer and infringes on the life of innocent people - the
      chairman of the Gossoviet stated.

      [passage omitted]

      Vlast asked Lieutenant General Ilya Shabalkin - the main Russian
      propagandist in the zone of anti-terrorist operation in the North
      Caucasus to comment on these statements published on the Internet by
      the main Chechen terrorist. "I do not comment on the statement of
      this person, said the General. - This so-called interview, could had
      been cooked up by some "fake" [levym] person and it has no relation
      to reality. For what do I need this Shamil Basayev?".
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