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Nezavisimaya Gazeta: They have surrounded Maskhadov again

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    http://www.ng.ru/regions/2004-09-30/4_chechnia.html (my tr) NG No 211 (3324) 2004-09030 They have surrounded Maskhadov again Ramzan Kadyrov wants to make a
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      http://www.ng.ru/regions/2004-09-30/4_chechnia.html (my tr)

      NG No 211 (3324) 2004-09030

      They have surrounded Maskhadov again
      Ramzan Kadyrov wants to make a gift very badly

      Andrei Riskin, Vladimir Mukhin

      [passage omitted]

      Ilya Shabalkin did not confirm to "NG" this information that in the
      composition of that blocked band of fighters is Aslan Maskhadov.
      "I don't have such information, stated Shabalkin. - if actually
      something similar were taking place, I would know about it".

      General emphasized also, that the active measures to liquidate
      bandformirovaniy are taken now in many regions of Chechnya, including
      possibly, and in that forest at the borders of three districts of
      Chechnya - Nozhay-Yurt, Vedeno and Kurchaloy, near Maskhadov's
      ancestral village - Alleroy. He did not exclude it, that in the
      composition of that gang is the very president of Ichkeria. "But so
      far, that's the same like to tell fortunes from coffee-grounds,
      assumes Shabalkin, - it's inappropriate".

      Most likely this is [propaganda] campaign - stated to "NG" - member
      of the Carnegie Center in Moscow Aleksey Malashenko. - This is
      completely obvious - as we have always carried a plan with respect
      to our agriculture before the 7th of November [anniversary of the
      October revolution M.L.], so this has not changed at all. But, on
      other side, Maskhadov must be captured. It's been said once, that's
      not possible to capture Basayev, so let us capture Maskhadov. But
      it's necessary to wait, because they can again capture a secondary
      field commander, as it was already done many times before, and
      announce this as a huge success. Concerning Ramzan's address, so that
      people would betray the fighters, I think, this can provoke a lot of
      tensions. Because in Chechnya everyone knows very well, that in many
      families there are people, who one way or another, were earlier in
      the mountains, are located there now or are ready to go to the
      mountains, in order, to make a little bit of money. This is actually
      the address [call] to inform against the neighbor. And, as it seems
      to me, this is the reason to tie to the Kadyrovite group as many
      people as possible, so they would betray members of their family,
      which actually disrupts customs of the clan, making irretrievable
      steps into Ramzan's direction. I think, this is the most important".

      In the opinion of director Institut of Social Marketing, Sergey
      Khaykin, whose employees regularly carry out polls in Chechnya, an
      overwhelming majority of Chechens desire to live in the composition
      of Russia. "Only 14 percent of those polled, told to "NG" Sergey
      Khaykin, consider that Chechnya must evolve as an independent state.
      Yes, this is the social base of separatism, but not terrorism. As far
      as the support of fighters is concerned, undoubtedly they find within
      Chechnya's population, food and shelter. But as far as Maskhadov's
      capture is concerned, questions here must be posed not to the
      population, but to the Russian special services ".
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