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Izvestia: All theories - in the "black box"

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  • mariuslab2002
    FYI This is already kind of outdated, as new info is coming so fast, I don t have time to translate the whole article, so just an excerpt for people who
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31 10:00 PM
      FYI This is already kind of outdated, as new info is coming so fast,
      I don't have time to translate the whole article, so just an excerpt
      for people who believe the planes were shot down from the ground. M.L.

      http://www.izvestia.ru/emergency/article316598 (my tr)

      All theories - in the "black box"
      21:41 26.08.04

      By Vladimir Demchenko, Roman Kirillov

      Theory No 1. Terrorist act

      Theory No 2. Technical malfunction and human mistake

      Theory No 3. Total nonsense: attack from the ground.

      This third theory, the representatives of authorities call a total
      nonsens [polny bred], nevertheless on some aviation forums on the
      Internet it has already been actively discussed. Origin of this and
      others improbable nonsensical theories are explained most of all by
      the fact that our citizens suspect that the authorities hide
      something and withhold an announcement of certain essential
      information. So, that's how this is born.

      So here, according to these nonsensical theories those aircrafts were
      down by the Russian air defense forces [PVO], after an information
      was received that one or two planes have been hijacked. The
      supporters of this theory assume that after 11 September of 2001 in
      many countries relevant instructions were put in place, intended not
      to allow for the repetition of that tragedy. These loose cannons
      assume that a certain "strong-arm [volevoye resheniye]" decision was
      made and enshrined into some secret order: to bring down a hijacked
      aircraft before terrorists have time to direct them toward strategic
      targets. In the case of the Sochi-bound plane, such objects, purely
      theoretically, could be two: - Volga-Don AES [Volgodonsk Nuclear
      Power Station] and president Putin, who was vacationing at that time
      on the Black Sea coast. However, there are no serious actual
      confirmation of such assumptions even on the Internet.

      - This theory, that the aircrafts were downed, that's utter stupidity
      [chistoi vody glupost], stated to Izvestia one of the experts on the
      air defense. - We now hear a lot of these theories. Someone today
      even said that the aircraft was brought down by the Belorussian PVO -
      which was conducting a firing exercise on the Ashaluk firing range in
      Astrakhan province [oblast]. Allegedly, as it was with that Tu-154
      shot down by Ukraine. That's complete rubbish! In order to bring down
      any aircraft, an order "from the top" is needed. And they bring down
      only the airplanes that violate the airspace and which pose a threat
      to the state. Place yourself at the place of commander of battalion,
      on the battle station alert. Would you carry out the order to bring
      down a plane, knowing that the target - is a passenger airplane?
      that's not very likely. Now let's imagine: one aircraft shot down in
      Rostov, the other one - in Tula. For this you must already have
      minimum two battalion commanders. Furthermore, if a missile is
      launched, then the radars (let me add - also the foreign spy
      satellites as this was in the case with Ukraine then) for sure will
      detect it. In this case, no missiles were seen on radars.
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