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CP: A review of the 241th week of war, 17 - 23 April 2004

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  • Norbert Strade
    Chechenpress A review of the 241th week of war 17 - 23 April 2004 The past week was characterized by continuous artillery shelling and air strikes delivered on
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004

      A review of the 241th week of war
      17 - 23 April 2004

      The past week was characterized by continuous artillery shelling and air
      strikes delivered on the southern regions, predominantly the Vedeno,
      Nozhai-Yurt and Shatoi Districts of ChRI in response to the persistent
      attacks of Chechen Mujahideen. The Russian invaders carrying out the
      operation relied on a blind success. However, the victims of
      bombardments and shelling, as a rule, are peaceful people. Thus, in the
      village Rigakhoi the entire family - the mother and her five children
      were killed when a rocket hit their house. The crime of Russian
      militarists has received wide publicity in mass media worldwide, but the
      event is not a single instance of this kind.

      As one of Russian electronic editions has cynically pointed out, the
      similar "blind" artillery shelling and air strikes taking away the lives
      of peaceful civilians are justified because sometimes the Chechen
      Resistance fighters accidentally become the victims of these attacks.
      Thus, on 16 April, Friday, commander of the Eastern Front of the Chechen
      Armed Forces Abu al-Walid, a volunteer from Saudi Arabia became a
      shaheed. Amir Abu al-Walid was one of those people whom the Russian
      propaganda has been trying for many years to present as a "link" between
      the Chechen Reesistance and the "international terrorism". In Russian
      mass media Abu al-Walid was often referred to as a 'mercenary" or "the
      financier" of Chechen Resistance, paying no attention to the absurdity
      of such mutually exclusive references.

      Reporting about the losses of the invaders and their accomplices, we
      often specify that the data are incomplete and not final. The reason for
      this caution is the fact that many military reports do not come to the
      notice of the agency in time. The delay is also caused by daily clashes,
      blowing up and shelling the invaders' positions all over the republic,
      including the woodland in the south of Chechnya. Many groups of Chechen
      avengers are acting independently, out-of-range of the military actions
      by the structures of Chechen armed forces.

      Besides that the data on losses of the opponent include information from
      the invaders and puppet sources published in Russian mass media,
      however, it should be noted that the occupation command almost always
      speak about the wounded, attaching to it the number of the killed
      soldiers and officers. The point is that the invaders who died in
      hospitals are not fixed as the battle casualties; they are not reflected
      in any reports; therefore, the corpses are registered as "the wounded".
      In such a way, the Russian military command underrates the number of the
      killed Russian servicemen in Chechnya.

      Taking into account the statistical peculiarities of the Russian-Chechen
      war, according to information of our agency only, last week the enemy
      lost 116 people killed (12 national traitors) and 120 wounded (12
      Kadyrov's collaborationists). 5 APC, 3 trucks for transportation of the
      troops, 6 vehicles and 1 echelon carrying oil have been completely or
      partially put out of action.

      As to the foreign-policy moves of the past week, it is necessary to
      mention the Fetwa of the prominent Islamic scholar, President of the
      European Council for Research of Fetwas Yusuf KAedawi, in which the
      armed struggle of the Chechen people against the Russian aggressors is
      defined as "the best Jihad". At the same time, it should be noted that
      not only traitor Kadyrov and his accomplices, the old personnel of the
      KGB, but also many so-called mullahs in Russia, the same KGB and FSS
      men, tried to assure the Muslims that the Chechen fighters do not
      conduct Jihad in Chechnya, because, as they further develop their idea,
      "Jihad is the defense of the homeland from the armed enemy". But there
      is one paper, which is called "The Constitution of the Russian
      Federation" that notifies that Chechnya is part of Russia, hence,
      judging from this, the Chechens do not defend their native land, on the
      contrary, they are fighting against their fatherland Russia.

      One more event that can be considered one of the significant
      foreign-policy moves concerning Chechnya is Dr. Umar Khanbiyev's visit
      to the Netherlands. The General Envoy of the ChRI in foreign countries
      held an official meeting with the head of the Commision on Foreign
      Affairs Professor De Haan. The deputy of the European Parliament Olivier
      Dupuis and the UNPO Secretary General Marigno Basdacin accompanied the
      Chechen envoy.

      Dr. Khanbiyev and Professor De Haan discussed the plan of "Conditional
      independence of the ChRI" initiated by the Foreign Minister of the
      Chechen Republic Ichkeria, the situation in Chechnya and the Northern
      Caucasus region, as well as the problems of the Chechen refugees. Umar
      Khanbiyev held a press conference at the Center of International Press
      in Amsterdam.

      Adlan Beno, Chechenpress, 29 April 2004

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