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Re: Maskhadov's Guard Turns Himself In

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  • mariuslab2002
    http://www.interfax.ru/r/B/0/0.html?id_issue=9686051 (my quick tr) Doctors are doing everything to save Maskhadov s security chief - Turlayev - who has
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 2, 2004
      http://www.interfax.ru/r/B/0/0.html?id_issue=9686051 (my quick tr)

      Doctors are doing everything to save Maskhadov's security chief -
      Turlayev - who has surrendered and for whom it was necessary to
      amputate his leg - reported Ramzan Kadyrov

      Grozny. 2 April. Interfax - Aslan Maskhadov's security chief - Shaa
      Turlayev was delivered to the hospital of the city of Ggudermes on 31
      March in grave condition. Doctors amputated his leg and are doing
      everything to keep him alive. On Friday, in the interview to Interfax
      reported about this Ramzan Kadyrov - the chief of security service of
      the President of Chechnya.

      He emphasized that since the end of February with Shaa Turlayev had
      been conducted intensive negotiations through some mediators. In them
      actively participated those who previously laid down their weapons,
      former minister of defense of Ichkeria - Magomed Khambiyev, chief of
      the "special unit" of Ichkeria - Boris Aydamirov, and also one of the
      well-known "field commanders" of the Nozhay-Yurt district - Rizvan
      Kutsuyev, who also voluntarily had laid down his weapons.

      R. Kadyrov emphasized that Shaa Turlayev already several weeks ago
      has practically agreed to stop his illegal activity and come out of

      "He was staying in the forest. Because of his severe illness he could
      not do that and we weren't able, because of some circumstances, until
      now, to get him " - noted R.Kadyrov.

      According to him, on 31 March Shaa Turlayev was found in the forest
      at a place, that was previously indicated for them, from where he
      was taken away.

      Taking into account that Shaa.Turlayev has kept his word, and in the
      course of search for him in the forest and when moving him out of
      there, no provocative actions from his side were committed, he was
      immediately delivered to the Gudermes hospital - emphasized

      R.Kadyrov has refuted some rumors about the fact that that wound
      Turlayev has got happened during his removal from the forest. "This
      absolutely does not correspond to reality, he has that old wound,
      gotten two years ago, and that that they operated on him, which gives
      hope for saving his life" - said R.Kadyrov.

      R.Kadyrov has also emphasized that the doctors are doing anything
      possible in order to save Shaa Turlayev, and they note a certain
      improvement in his condition after the operation. "We are also intend
      to do everything so that all the necessary medicines, drugs ,
      everything in the hospital for his treatment is available" - said

      It also noted that Shaa Turlayev before his operation stated to him
      that he was conducting an active work with those people, who were
      located with him in the forest.

      According to Shaa Turlayev and R. Kadyrov's estimate, in the nearest
      future, aproximately 20 people- boyeviks, former subordinates
      Turlayev's will leave the forest and they will voluntarily lay down
      their weapons. "At present tim we discuss some versions of their
      coming out of hiding, and after a resolution on some procedural
      issues, I'm confident, that even a more significant group will leave
      ranks of participants of NVF [Illegal Armed Formations] and they will
      begin a peaceful life", - stated R.Kadyrov.

      He also expressed confidence in the fact that the process of
      withdrawal from NVF of some figures activated recently, who played in
      them a key role, will accelerate the process of normalizing of life
      in the Chechen republic.
      --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, "radiebunn" <RadieBunn@s...>
      > KHANKALA, APRIL 2, 2004, (RIA NOVOSTI) - Shaa Turlayev (b. 1969),
      > chief of Aslan Maskhadov's body-guards service, turned himself in
      > other day.
      > Talking to RIA NOVOSTI, people at the press center of the regional
      > North Caucasian command center noted that Turlayev gave himself up
      > Gansol-Chu, Nozhai-Yurt district as a result of a special
      > which was conducted by the Chechen president's security service
      > together with other law-enforcement agencies.
      > Turlayev commanded Maskhadov's body guards for quite a while, using
      > call-signs "Sedoi" ("Gray") and Saifullah, the press-center
      > added.
      > Turlayev is now being checked for possible complicity in grave
    • mariuslab2002
      This surrender is pretty big M.L. ... http://www.vesti.ru/comments.html?id=27781 ... President ... that ... injury. ... occupation ... captivity .
      Message 2 of 4 , Apr 2, 2004
        This "surrender" is pretty big M.L.

        Photos and video for the Russian TV programme at the below link:


        --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, Norbert Strade <nost@p...> wrote:
        > Kavkaz-Center
        > Did Maskhadov's security chief surrender?
        > The Russian occupation command has declared that the chief of
        > Maskhadov's personal security, Shaa Turlayev, who had recently been
        > commanding the subdivisions active in the Nozhai-Yurt district,
        > voluntarily surrendered in the village of Gansolchu. It asserted
        > Shaa Turlayev "repented, and because he understood the total lack of
        > options of the Resistance" decided to end the armed struggle.
        > According to other informations, also from Russian sources, Turlayev
        > surrendered so he could have his foot amputated after a serious
        > However, the Chechen side doesn't confirm the version of the
        > command cited above. "Kavkaz-Center" sources confirmed on Friday
        > afternoon only the fact that Turlayev had been captured, but they
        > categorically refuted the so-called "voluntary surrender into
        > According to the Chechen side, Shaa Turlayev was seriously injured
        > several days ago in combat in the Gansolchu area. He lost a foot and
        > suffered fragmentation injuries in the chest region. The Chechen
        > commander was captured in grave condition. For several days, the
        > occupation command has been exploiting the situation for a
        > propagandistic campaign.
        > 2004-04-02
        > [My translation]
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