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agentura ru, GW: Some comments of Russian spook and edit. of agentura

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  • mariuslab2002
    http://www.agentura.ru/dossier/qatar/ [passage omitted, details about Qatar s secret services] Qatar and Chechnya Russian special services repeatedly charged
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004

      [passage omitted, details about Qatar's secret services]

      Qatar and Chechnya

      Russian special services repeatedly charged based in this state some
      charitable foundations with the support of Chechen terrorists. In the
      interview for Segodnya
      newspaper General- Lieutenant Leonid Shebarshin, former chief for the
      first main department of the KGB, asserted:

      - The degree of participation of foreign special services can be
      different. Firstly: they must conduct gathering of information from
      plcese]wher they have been assign to]. Therefore, now Turks and
      Americans from the territory of Turkey and Persian Gulf monitor 'the
      air' above Chechnya. Second: material aid. For example, "Qatar"
      charity association is now actively helping fighters, I remember even
      in Afghanistan, where it rendered aid to the mujahadeen. However,
      special services prefer to not give to the terrorists any money, but
      to pay them off with weaponry.

      In 2001, FSB of Daghestan stated that as a result of the goal-
      directed work carried out by Daghestan State Security agents in close
      cooperation with the republic's prosecutorship found out that
      activity "MIOS", "Qatar", Benevolence International Fundation and al -
      Haramein in Dagestan was not corresponding to the interests of the
      Russian Federation, in accordance with which, a judicial order has
      ended their further functioning in the territory of Dagestan.

      In 2003 FSB aquired information, that the Kuwaiti Society of social
      reforms which had their representation in the capital of Ichkeria,
      served as a channel, along which multibillion sums in were pumped to
      Baku, and then they were moved by couriers to Grozny. In turn, the
      Qatar international charity association, from the same country,
      transmitted millions of dollars to Chechen fighters in the Novolak
      and Tsumandi districts of Daghestan.

      The former Vice President of Chechnya Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev selected
      precisely Qatar for these reasons as his place of stay.

      [passage omitted, details on Yandarbiyev being put UN terrorist list]


      http://serwisy.gazeta.pl/swiat/1,34174,1939077.html (my tr)

      A commentary of agentura ru's specialist

      By maw 29.02.2004

      Andrei Soltadov, editor-in-chief of agentura.ru website that writes
      about special services

      The arrest of Qatari wrestlers in Moscow that a very significant
      proof that the Russian special services, in spite of their official
      dementis, had links to the assassination of Yandarbiyev. I get some
      confirming signals from different persons who are connected with our
      special services, and with whom I've talked in the last few days
      I can't confirm if the arrested officers were direct executors of
      that assassination, or if they just organized it, providing
      documents, money, operational informations to the assassins.

      According to my data, it seems, that nor the Foreign Intelligence
      [SVR] nor millitary GRU had organized it, but actually the FSB have
      done it. In theory, the FSB is not allowed to conduct any operations
      beyond the Russia's borders, but it has now this mysterious -
      Coordination Department of Organizational Information, which would be
      able to do this.
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