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Reuters, Gazeta ru: "Prominent Chechen rebel" jailed for life

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  • mariuslab2002
    Prominent Chechen rebel jailed for life MAKHACHKALA, Russia (Reuters), Nov. 28 - A prominent Chechen guerrilla was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2003
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      Prominent Chechen rebel jailed for life

      MAKHACHKALA, Russia (Reuters), Nov. 28 - A prominent Chechen
      guerrilla was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for masterminding
      13 attacks on Russian forces fighting separatists in Chechnya.

      The Supreme Court of Dagestan, a volatile Russian province bordering
      Chechnya, found Akhmed Magomedov ''guilty of terrorism'' in charges
      mainly related to a bomb blast which killed seven Russian soldiers in
      the regional capital Makhachkala last year.

      Prosecutors, who linked him to a total of 13 attacks, said Magomedov
      had received military training in Pankisi Gorge over the border from
      Chechnya in Georgia. Georgia has launched a campaign at Moscow's
      urging to remove the rebels from the area.

      Russian courts periodically try and convict activists linked to
      Chechen radicals' campaign to oust Russian forces.

      Human rights campaigners say some trials have sought to shore up
      support among Russians for a Kremlin plan to end a decade of violence
      in Chechnya.

      The plan was predicated on an election for regional president which
      was easily won by the Kremlin's favoured candidate last month.

      In Chechnya, just nine days ahead of Russia's country-wide
      parliamentary election, gunmen shot dead a campaigner for the pro-
      Kremlin United Russia party who was trying to persuade rebels to down
      arms in the region's mountainous south.

      ''(Idris) Kadyrov was in the district under instructions from the
      party's leadership, trying to persuade rebels to surrender,'' another
      party member told Interfax news agency.

      Russian forces are subject to almost daily attack in Chechnya and
      neighbouring regions.

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      redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the
      prior written consent of Reuters.

      I wouldn't call him "a prominent rebel", and I doubt he's even a
      Chechen, (his first and last name is the most common in Dagestan)
      apparently he never fought in Chechnya, and even when he escaped from
      a prosecutors' building' he didn't go there either, he hid and was re-
      captured in Makhachkala. M.L.
      re also ;#25157, 28159, 27975 postings

      http://www.gazeta.ru/2003/11/28/last105433.shtml#Scene_1 (my quick tr)

      Terrorist, who blown up ZIL [truck] with the military servicemen gets

      On Friday the Supreme Court of Daghestan carried out sentence on 28-
      yrs old Akhmed Magomedov, accused in the explosion of the ZIL-130
      truck on 18 January of the last year. Seven soldiers of the 102nd
      brigade of internal troops were killed when being blown up on a
      contact mine. According to the data of investigation, precisely,
      Magomedov was the initiator of this act of terror and he himself set
      in action that explosive device. Besides this explosion Akhmed
      Magomedov was charged also with preparation and conducting of six
      more acts of terrorism, that included blasting of five police
      vehicless. Akhmed Magomedov was also suspected of the organization of
      explosion in Kaspiysk on 9 May, 2002, but after the first
      interrogations in this investigation this version had to be dropped.
      Nevertheless, it was proven that Magomedov entered into the saboteur
      unit of Zaur Akayev, which acted on the territory of Daghestan by an
      assignment of Chechen field commander Rappan Khalilov.

      The court recognized Magomedov as the guilty one on all points, and
      on Friday the judge of the Supreme Court of Daghestan presiding at
      the trial - Shikhali Magomedov sentenced the defendant for life in
      prison. Defendant Magomedov stated to the court that all his
      statements were taken from him under pressure. He admitted
      [confessed] himself that he was guilty only according to two
      articles: carrying of a weapon, and his escape. The attorneys of the
      defendant already stated about their intention to appeal that
      sentence to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

      According to the data of investigation organs, the native of
      Makhachkala Akhmed Magomedov was the active member of a gang of
      Daghestani fighters, he's passed a training in the mine-explosive
      materials in the Pankisi Gorge of Georgia. He was sent to the
      territory of Daghestan in the composition of sabotage-terrorist group
      of 16 people by the field commander Rappani Khalilov. This group have
      completed 13 acts of terror. Helpers of Magomedov, including the
      leader of that group - Zaur Akayev, on the 17th of January of the
      this year were sentenced by the Supreme Court of the republic to a
      different prison terms - from 7 years to life imprisonment. The
      matter of Magomedov was isolated in the separate trial, he escaped
      while being under arrest on the 2nd of September of last year,
      shortly before the beginning of the trial of this gang [was to take
      place], and he was re-captured on the 21st of April of this year.

      On Friday, the court sentenced also conditionally Shamil Gaziyev to
      two years, who after when that act of terror had been committed was
      hiding Magomedov in his apartment.

      //Artur Atayev (KRZH, Vladikavkaz) //
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