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Re: AFP: Russian military hits back at pro-Moscow Chechen leader over kidnap claims

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  • mariuslab2002
    Paratroop spokesman says Chechen leader appeal to Putin is political intrigue Moscow,(Interfax) 29 August: A letter written by Chechnya s acting president
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2003
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      Paratroop spokesman says Chechen leader appeal to Putin is "political
      Moscow,(Interfax) 29 August: A letter written by Chechnya's acting
      president Akhmad Kadyrov, which states that people are kidnapped
      by "corrupt police officers" and "kidnappers in armoured vehicles" is
      a "hint at the involvement of the federal forces in these crimes",
      Col Vladimir Plotnikov, a representative of the paratroops force
      headquarters, told Interfax on Friday.

      Plotnikov has recently returned from Chechnya, where he headed the
      operational group of paratroop forces. "Kadyrov's hint that federal
      troops kidnap people in the middle of the night riding in armoured
      vehicles looks more like pre-election political intrigue than
      reality. Kadyrov knows that the commander of the federal forces has
      strictly forbidden any vehicles from leaving the units of the
      Combined Federal Force at night," Plotnikov said. Federal troops in
      Chechnya move only in daytime in columns of three vehicles at a
      minimum, he said.

      "In addition, columns move only after sappers have explored the
      intended route," he said. Plotnikov said that only Chechen policemen
      are allowed to move at night in Chechnya.

      "Every military commandant's office now has a company of Chechen
      policemen, the majority of which wear camouflage uniform. This is the
      place to look for 'corrupt police officials' and 'kidnappers in
      armoured vehicles,'" he said.

      In his letter, which was published on Thursday [28 August], Kadyrov
      said that there is "a third force" in Chechnya, which operates at
      night and supports "a horrible war".

      "In Chechnya there are corrupt law-enforcement officers and
      kidnappers in armoured vehicles. Through their crimes, they maintain
      tension in the republic and their hands are stained with the blood of
      innocent people," Kadyrov's letter says. Kadyrov's letter was
      addressed to Russia's top law enforcement officials.

      --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, Norbert Strade <nost@p...> wrote:
      > Russian military hits back at pro-Moscow Chechen leader over kidnap
      > MOSCOW (AFP) Aug 29, 2003
      > A senior Russian military officer Friday branded as a pre-electoral
      > gimmick accusations by the pro-Moscow Chechen chief administrator
      > Kadyrov of abuses by federal troops in the breakaway republic.
      > "Kadyrov's clear allusions to kidnappings at night by federal
      > driving around in armoured personnel carriers, has more to do with
      > pre-electoral politicking than reality," Vladimir Plotnikov, who
      > commands a paratrooper unit in Chechnya, told the Interfax news
      > Kadyrov, a former mufti who has ruled the troubled republic for more
      > than three years as head of the pro-Russian administration, is
      > officially the favourite to win an October 5 presidential poll
      > by the Kremlin.
      > But he is hugely unpopular in Chechnya, where the war-weary
      > believe he is a corrupt figure who has done nothing to end the
      > Asserting that federal troops are only authorised to move around
      > Chechnya in the day, Plotnikov said that only Chechen policemen
      > military command are supposed to circulate at night.
      > "In every military command post, there is a unit of Chechen police.
      > wear Russian military uniforms. It's among them that you should be
      > looking for 'renegade soldiers.'"
      > In a letter to top military commanders Wednesday, Kadyrov complained
      > that three people were kidnapped in August by Russian military in
      > southeastern village of Mekhketi and called for action to stop
      > disappearances.
      > (snip)
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