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AP: Chechnya to reward for information about rebels

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  • mariuslab2002
    Chechnya to reward for information about rebels May 03, 2003 Posted: 11:34 Moscow time (07:34 GMT) VLADIKAVKAZ - Chechnya s Moscow-backed administration is
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      Chechnya to reward for information about rebels
      May 03, 2003 Posted: 11:34 Moscow time (07:34 GMT)

      VLADIKAVKAZ - Chechnya's Moscow-backed administration is setting up a
      special fund that will offer cash rewards for information leading to
      the capture of Chechen rebels or the prevention of rebel attacks,
      Russian news agencies reported Friday.

      Chechen business leaders and public organizations are being asked to
      contribute to the fund that will dole out the reward money, said
      Akhmar Zavgayev, who represents Chechnya in Russia's upper house of
      parliament, the Federation Council.

      "If bandits recruit jobless young people to stage terrorist attacks
      for US$100, why can't we turn the person into an informer by offering
      more," the Interfax news agency quoted Zavgayev as saying.

      Rebels are outgunned and outnumbered by federal troops in Chechnya,
      but they continue to move with impunity throughout much of the
      southern Russian region despite the massive Russian military

      Zavgayev said reward amounts will depend on the information provided,
      adding that details that lead to the capture of top rebel leaders or
      foreign mercenaries will be more highly valued, Interfax reported.

      Exact details of how the fund will operate were still being worked
      out with Russia's Interior Ministry, Zavgayev said. He emphasized
      that the fund will not provide ransom for hostages - a traditional
      money-earner in Chechnya.

      Fighting persists despite Russian assertions that the situation has
      improved significantly and despite a March constitutional referendum
      that the Kremlin billed as a step on the path to peace and stability.

      Six Russian servicemen were killed and five others wounded in rebel
      attacks and mine blasts in the region in the previous 24 hours, an
      official in the Moscow-backed administration said on condition of
      anonymity. Two Chechen police troops were shot dead Friday morning in
      the central market in Grozny, the capital, the official said. /The
      Associated Press/
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