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  • mariuslab2002
    Somehow I wasn t been able to find this particular Maigov s statements where he slams war in Iraq on Chehcnepress site. I assume that Ms Fuller writes about
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2003
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      Somehow I wasn't been able to find this particular Maigov's
      statements where he "slams" war in Iraq on Chehcnepress site. I
      assume that Ms Fuller writes about Maigov's statement that was
      published by Kavkazcenter that I'm posting below:

      And btw, Chechenpress publishes statement "War against Saddam
      legitimate (just)", which Norbert has already translated it at #30437
      posting, and has also this Zakayev's interview for Grani ru:


      Ahmed Zakayev refutes reports that Maskhadov supports war in Iraq
      (an excerpt)

      Ahmed Zakayev in an interview for Grani.Ru refuted reports that Aslan
      Maskhadov supports war in Iraq, and also reports, that the Chechens
      are ready to render to the anti-Iraqi coalition some assistance,
      including a military one. "I think that the coalition doesn't require
      any help from us. The Chechen fighters have their [own] place where
      they must defend their position for achievement of justice...."

      According to Zakayev, Russia in many respects has contributed to
      development of this situation in Iraq. "If Russia and Russian
      generals would not support secretly, and officially Saddam Hussein,
      he wouldn't be able to decide to resist resolutions of the Security
      Council of the United Nations. He would had to fulfill them out, and
      then we wouldn't have this war. The fact is that Russia was
      interested in supporting Saddam and his regime in Iraq, thus
      preserving its positions in the Arab world. Today, when it began to
      lose them, everyone speaks not for itself. Here you see everything.
      Putin speaks one thing, MFA (of Russia - ed.) speaks the second ,
      military men speak the third. But Maskhadov's position is in no way
      linked with the fact what Putin or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
      Russia have been talking. We know that if the Americans and the
      international coalition are able to introduce order in Iraq, to
      liberate people, then stability in this region is simply guaranteed.
      Until the position of Russian state, communists remain there, this
      region will be unstable. But today they (communists - ed.),
      obviously, lose their positions, and this is very positive moment.
      Yes, we're very much suffering with the Iraqi people and do not want
      so that there should be any victims. But today's cries in the support
      of Saddam Hussein bring more these victims. We consider (reckon in)
      that in any of these circumstances ", stated Zakayev.


      Russia conducting policy of double standards

      BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Mar 26, 2003

      26 March: Statement by the official representative of CRI [Chechen
      Republic of Ichkeria] President Aslan Maskhadov in Russia, Salambek

      The war in Iraq is a consequence of the UN's weakness in issues of
      war and peace and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens.
      We are convinced that it is necessary to search for peaceful ways of
      resolving international and political crises. We have repeatedly said
      that only by way of talks and dialogue should disputed questions be
      resolved. This equally applies to the Middle East and Chechnya.

      Our own experience confirms the correctness of the position of the
      governments of France and Germany which are striving to prevent the
      escalation of violence in the Middle East and a clash between the
      Christian and Muslim communities. The mass anti-war movement which
      has developed in Western Europe and the USA itself shows that the
      desire for peace, dialogue and international tolerance unites
      millions of people. We are one with them. While condemning Saddam
      Husayn's dictatorial regime, we are deeply convinced that the issue
      of the political system of Iraq must be decided only by the people of
      that country.

      In conditions of military occupation there can be no talk of
      democracy and free expression of the people's will. Further evidence
      of this is the farce of the so-called referendum held in Chechnya
      under the barrels of Russian assault rifles, despite the continuing
      military action, mass violations of human rights, torture and
      killings of the civilian population, and tough restrictions of human
      rights and freedoms. We call on the world community to make an
      evaluation of the policy of double standards pursued by the Russian
      leadership. While talking about the right of the Iraqi people to
      peace, the Kremlin denies this right to the people of Chechnya.
      Speaking of the need for talks in Iraq, it rejects dialogue with the
      legitimate and democratically elected leadership of the Chechen
      Republic. While discussing democracy, it props up with its bayonets
      the dictatorship of its appointees on a part of the territory of

      We speak in favour of peace in Chechnya and Iraq and call for
      cooperation all those who in Russia and in the West sincerely strive
      for a society based on principles of democracy, participation, civic
      dialogue and social justice.

      Source: Kavkaz-Tsentr news agency web site in Russian 26 Mar 03
      --- In chechnya-sl@yahoogroups.com, Norbert Strade <nost@p...> wrote:
      > RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 7, No. 61, Part I, 31 March 2003
      > In a 28 March statement posted on chechenpress.com, President
      > Maskhadov's representative Salambek Maigov said the Chechen
      > is convinced that the Iraq crisis, like that in Chechnya, should be
      > resolved exclusively by peaceful means. He expressed Chechens'
      > solidarity with the antiwar protesters in Europe and the United
      > and called on the international community to condemn what he termed
      > double standards adopted by Russia in continuing to wage war in
      > while opposing U.S. military intervention in Iraq. LF
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