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Islam ru: The mighty word "Shakhid"

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  • mariuslab2002
    The mighty word Shakhid Islam.Ru (11-11-2002) The dictionary meaning of Shakhid is the one who died for faith, a martyr, a witness . In Shariat the term
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      The mighty word "Shakhid"
      Islam.Ru (11-11-2002)

      The dictionary meaning of Shakhid is "the one who died for faith, a
      martyr, a witness". In Shariat the term "Shakhid" means a person who
      died in the just war against aggressors defending Islam and freedom
      for the Muslims to practice and study their religion. In the
      Prophet's (peace and blessing be upon him) hadithes call Shakhids
      people killed in self-defence at the hands of bandits, also those
      died of various epidemics and even the lovers who passed away without
      tarnishing their honor. This term is also used in law practice with
      reference to witnesses of crimes, at celebration of marriage, etc.

      Today Russia has declared freedom of conscience vested in the
      Constitution. The Muslims have a right to freely publish religious
      literature, build mosques, study and follow the norms of Islam,
      disseminate information about their religion. As Yusuf Kardavi, one
      of the leading Islamic scholars of the present day, said the very
      existence of the Internet reduce almost to nothing all appeals for
      armed jihad.

      In Shariat terminology jihad (effort and intension in faith) in
      general means the aspiration for the noblest and highest aim that a
      man tries to achieve with all his might, i.e. Allah's mercy and
      complete abidance by His Will through good deeds. This requires long
      and persistent inner fight of a man against his passions, sins that
      may lead him astray from the path of good and piousness.

      Apart from inner fight a Muslim should fight against social ills by
      disseminating authoritative information about Islam. Another form of
      jihad is the war waged in cases mentioned above, when war becomes

      Martyrdom for faith is to this or that extent typical of all
      monotheistic religions. First of all it is related to the sacrifice
      of Ishmael, son of Abraham (Ibragim), peace be upon both of them. In
      Christian and Judaic interpretations Abraham at the will of God was
      ready to sacrifice Isaac his other son. But in this case it is not
      that significant.

      What is important that both Islam and Christianity greatly appreciate
      those who died for faith? "The death of martyrs is the obvious defeat
      of the killers and the brilliant victory of those who are killed",
      one of the Orthodox apologists Jan Chrysostom used to say.

      However Islam does not distinguish worldly and spiritual entity of a
      man, which is why it has a broader view on who can be regarded a
      martyr. Islam as compared to Christianity considers martyrs died at
      war, at the hands of criminals defending themselves, their family,
      their faith. And sincere intention of a man is the most valuable
      thing as well as in all human activities workings of the human heart.

      Shakhids also include those who died of plague, pleurisy,
      tuberculosis, gastrointestinal diseases, the drowned, women who died
      during pregnancy and after childbed of bleeding, those killed in self-
      defence, defence of their family, property, fighting for their faith.

      In the sacred hadith the Prophet said, peace be upon him, that "The
      one who falls in love and dies without committing fornication sin is
      equaled to a Shakhid". It corresponds to people who failed to marry
      lawfully for this or that reason.

      Thus for instance Shakhids are the Muslims who died at the fronts of
      the Great Patriotic War, defending their land and faith from the
      occupants with sincere intention. An example of the greatest heroism
      and sacrifice has been proclaimed and still remains for many people
      (with the exception of several marginal figures) the deed of
      Alexander Matrosov, Nicholas Gastello, Lenya Golikov, battalion of
      Commander Panfilov and etc, of all those who gave their lives for the
      sake of their Motherland freedom.

      It won't be irrelevant to remind that today in Daghestan it is
      considered that the mufti of the republic Saidmohammad Abubakarov
      died as a Shakhid at the hands of terrorists. He was among the first
      who appealed to the society to pay attention to the growing threat of
      terrorism of wahhabism. But his words were not timely heard either in
      the official cabinets or elsewhere.

      Almost all denominations regard self-defence and defence of faith as
      benefaction. Such actions are approved of all healthy powers of the
      society including religious institutions. Even Buddhist monks in
      Burma were in the forefront of Resistance to colonial government, and
      orthodox Christians with the blessing of the Church took to arms
      against fascist occupants.

      It's quite another story when ideals of sacrifice and martyrdom are
      hypertrophied as it happens in modern consumer quasi-culture. For
      only it could produce such slogans: "Live fast, Die young", drug
      addiction cult, promiscuity, etc.

      It has its own heroes: Jim Morrison whose life was a systematic self-
      destruction and who died of drug overdose, Janis Joplin shared the
      same fate, Jimmy Hendrix suffocated in his own vomit, Kurt Cobain who
      sang that he "hates himself and wants to die" put a pistol to his
      head. And this list is far from being complete.

      Islam does not accept death in the course of hostage taking or any
      other act of terror. In this respect sheikh Ibn Jibrin in his
      book "Kaifa nu'alidj uaki'una al-alim" writes: "There is no doubt
      that hostage taking is by no means approved by Islam, it is a deeply
      ignorant and false action. Moreover it is a crime that goes beyond
      all boundaries, terrifying hostages".

      Ibn Jibrin calls terrorists that take hostages – bandits and says
      that if there are well-trained people among those who are in trouble,
      they may try and frustrate the plans of terrorists. Therefore the one
      who is trying to save the hostages dies at the hands of those who may
      call themselves "shakhids", becomes himself a shakhid at Allah´s Will.

      Turning to Nord-Ost musical seizure it is important to notice that
      people who committed nothing but a crime do not represent a different
      view on jihad or death for faith in Islam. Though this opinion was
      voiced in certain Mass Media.

      The contradiction of their activities to Islam is proved by complete
      religious ignorance of the head of terrorists that took hostages in
      Moscow, Movsar Barayev who called himself a shakhid whereas only a
      dead man can be considered shakhid by definition. Moreover Barayev
      did not even know the translation of his "brigade" name "Riyadus-
      Salikhin". Thus he said that bandits became "kamikazes of Islam",
      which prompted by NTV, for instance, to state that "terrorists are
      called shakhids in the language of Shariah".

      Meanwhile "Riyadus-Salikhin" means literally "Gardens of the
      righteous". It is the name of a collection of hadithes by Imam Navavi
      who obviously has no relation to terrorism. It is possible that in
      his short life Barayev saw or heard this name from someone.

      Generally speaking the lack of due number of Islamic theologians and
      madrasah aggravated by a number of unsolved social problems that
      caused the exceeding of the critical level of criminogenic situation
      almost became a decisive factor of pseudo-Islamic trend, wahhabism,
      spreading in Chechnya. Its ideologists under cover of Islamic
      terminology pursued a policy contrary to the interests of the
      Muslims. For example, as Russian television broadcasted, a delegation
      from Israel received a warm welcome at the celebration of the 6th
      Anniversary of Chechnya's independence.

      A year later in at the end of November 1998 Kommersant published
      information that "the Chechens expect to sell oil to Israel and
      adduced the words of Ichkeria parliament representative Khamid
      Khatuev that "Israel wants to possess" the oil of Ichkeria.

      Here we can remember still remaining ties of thugs with Boris
      Berezovsky and "amirs" artifices with a British tycoon, descendant of
      the Jewish dynasty of bankers James Goldsmith who is no less famous
      and odious than George Soros.

      In this connection Caucasus-American Trade Chamber formally governed
      by Ichkeria former vice prime minister Khozh-Akhmet Nukhayev was set
      up in Washington in 1997, and a group of experts was headed by the
      former chairman of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
      Jacques Attali. It is a remarkable fact that Russian Mass Media
      concentrated on the issue of wahhabites at the moment when
      international oil companies and financial groups were at the top of
      their activity in the market of Caspian oil.

      Hence the statement of the prominent politologists Dmitry Olshansky
      in the program Vremena (The Times) in which he nearly asserted that
      terrorism is one of the trends of Islam and all attempts of Muslim
      scholars to confute this opinion are useless, make us think who and
      why frightens Russia with "Shakhids" and their "belts"?
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