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  • Norbert Strade
    ... Subject: Thank you Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 10:54:11 +0300 From: CPCD Reply-To: The Chechnya List To:
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      Subject: Thank you
      Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 10:54:11 +0300
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      Dear Ross,

      Thank you for your warm message of support. I will gladly pass it
      on to all the others taking part in the vigil.

      Best wishes,
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      Îò: Ross Wilcock <rwilcock@...>
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      Äàòà: 30 îêòÿáðÿ 1999 ã. 20:00
      Òåìà: Thank you

      Dear Friends in Moscow,

      Greetings from Canada.

      Thank you for your initiative in holding a Prayer Vigil and Hunger
      Strike in
      Moscow in Solidarity with the People of Chechnya. We read that this
      is primarily a problem for Russia, but what is unfolding in Chechnya
      the conscience of all humanity.

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this troubling time, and we
      your concern - not only for Chechen people, but for all those trapped in
      conflicts and feeling the agony of inhumanity. We understand the pain
      concerns of Russian people confused and worried about crime and
      and grieving for loved ones. The evil that men do brings tragedy - and
      deepening spiritual crisis.

      Here are heartening remembrances from Leo Tolstoy's "Calendar of

      "A good life is the only antidote to evil influences." - Leo Tolstoy.

      "If you permit your thoughts to be influenced by those of someone else,
      is a slavery more shameful than yielding your body." - Leo Tolstoy.

      "There is nothing more important than example. It prompts us to do good
      deeds that would otherwise seem impossible. If we use dissipated,
      passionate or cruel people as examples, it destroys our souls. The
      is also true." - Leo Tolstoy.

      "Freedom is the greatest privilege; the freedom of a whole nation begins
      with the freedom of a single individual. It deserves infinite
      respect." - -Hertzen.

      "Let us forgive each other - only then will we live in peace." - Leo

      Thank you for setting this good example - which I am very glad to learn
      about and share.

      Ross Wilcock

      Vigil announcement: http://www.pgs.ca/pages/war/ca2/pv991030.htm

      P.S. Please congratulate Victor Popov for me - who I met at the HAP.

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